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We are a thriving, visionary server full of stunning creations that will take your breath away.

We believe in freedom and equality. Instead of controlling and restricting what to use and what to do, we give the power to you. We are a truly free server. A place you can come to experience the game without limits.

In terms of gameplay variety, we offer the best of both. There are of course hugely built-up areas that are full of incredible skyscrapers, but since this is a 16x world, the amount of untouched, natural land is virtually endless.

TEAM FORWARD has an an incredible, iconic spawn building.
It’s called the Tower of Dreams.

Heading west will take you to Skygate City. It’s is built almost entirely overtop an ocean and extends up into the sky. It’s bustling with unique structures, beautiful artwork, useful facilities, and other creative ideas. And all of it is linked together by the Forward Line, making it easier than ever to travel around and find where to go next.

The west end of Skygate City is where you’ll discover the breathtaking Tower of Destiny.
It’s the ultimate representation of elegant, harmonious beauty and is the absolute pinnacle of our world. It features stunning establishments like the Museum of Revelation and Summit of Divinity, where you can see and feel the game in ways you never have before.
Learn all about the Tower of Destiny here.

West of the Tower of Destiny is where you begin your own story. In the Sunrise District, you will find our brand new Freebuild Center. We have land slots prepared for you there to build your ground zero.

When you’re ready to explore even more, the teeming Skygate city landscape gradually transforms into a natural, mountainous one as you travel further west.

At TEAM FORWARD, we couldn’t be more proud of the time and effort people have put into their amazing buildings. Here are some of the world’s standout structures that we just can’t take our eyes off of:

The Tower of Dreams by MAMA FOOD SUPPLY

It’s the tower that started it all. With it’s gleaming Entrance Hall, striking Summit, and iconic design reaching into outer space, it gives the perfect introduction to our world and it’s vision.

The Dynasty of Crimson by NO GAME NO LIFE

The Dynasty of Crimson is an dazzling establishment. It combines rich, tasteful design with subtle, delicate touches that inspire a sense of warmth and prosperity. And it’s built entirely underwater.

The Pixel Alley by KITTYCAT1234

TEAM FORWARD is home to many amazing pixel artists. The Pixel Alley shows off a collection of some of their awesome work. It’s a fun, playful area that gives Skygate City even more personality.

The Prism of Fantasy by DAYDREAMER6203

This is one of the most mysterious, captivating buildings you’ll ever see. It’s design is truly one-of-a-kind. Creations like this push the limits of the level of mood and atmosphere possible in this game.

Nature’s Kingdom by SYLVIA HALCYON

With an incredibly unique and mesmerizing design and even a live cave troll living inside, Nature’s Kingdom is a one-of-a-kind wonder.

The Arena of Conviction by DAYDREAMER6203

This is one of TEAM FORWARD’s first buildings, and it’s still one of the best. It’s dark, subdued design carefully lined with colourful gems make events here truly epic.


Who knew gold and diamonds went together so perfectly? This is a bright, welcoming palace floating in mid-air, created as a team project. It’s stunning from any angle, in any light.

The Forward Statue by DANI2001

Build on a Sky Island at the edge of space, the Forward Statue depicts an inspiring scene of a character holding up our world banner. It’s truly a sight to behold.

Some amazing Residences

Many of our teammates go all-out with their houses. These don’t necessarily have names, but are awesome nonetheless:






The Prism of Starlight by ZERGLING JHON

With a beautiful, angular design and deep, vivid colors, the Prism of Starlight is eye-catching from any distance and stunning from any angle.

And of course, the Tower of Destiny. By MAMA FOOD SUPPLY

The original Tower of Dreams was absolutely shocking, but the Tower of Destiny goes beyond even that. For the first time, perfect harmony has been achieved with a structure and its environment, making this unbelievable tower seem like it was always meant to be there. We believe that it will inspire a new wave of architectural beauty, in this world and beyond.

Created on November 3, 2014, we are still a very young server, and are growing at a very fast pace. We would love to have you join us, and watch us grow even larger.


Original MGN video highlighting the Tower of Dreams and the start of the server

MGN video highlighting the Dynasty of Crimson, and the server one month later

Brand new MGN video featuring the Tower of Destiny

The Tower of Destiny introduction thread

Blockheads Fans server page

Server rules:

It’s really simple. We want every single player to have respect and to have honesty. That means no stealing from others, and no needlessly damaging areas that aren’t protected.
And, in general, we want you to be honest. If an admin or myself want to know about something, it really helps when we know that we’re talking to a trustworthy individual.
Please don’t ask for admin or mod. We promote those who are humble, show leadership, and realize the scale of this privilege.
And finally, please do not advertise, promote, or discuss other servers while you are here. We understand that this can be tempting due to the high number of people online, but they are here for a reason. They are here because they enjoy this server, not because they are looking for another place to go.

So those are the rules we’d like YOU to follow, now let’s talk about the ones we, as a server, stand by.

We value your freedom and well-being more than perhaps any other public server. This means that as soon as you spawn, you are entitled to ask questions. This means that nobody on the leadership team will ever hurt, taunt, or belittle you. This means that there are no confusing traps or mazes hindering your progress, no torture chambers, and no “admin privileges.” Everyone is entitled to their own portal chest, diamond portal, diamond trade portal, jetpack, and any other in-game item they wish to bring in. And we make it easier than ever for you to discover free land, build on it, and we fully protect it with ownership signs as soon as you’re ready. Basically, if you are respectful and honest, we see no reason why we shouldn’t be giving you the absolute best experience.

In the end, we want you to be successful. We want you to make a statement. And we all just wanna have fun. :slight_smile:



I’m coming now. Sounds like a good world to be on.


The Tower of Dreams shocked the entire Blockheads community.

It has amazed and inspired hundreds of people.

With it’s revolutionary Chandelier Clusters, Transparent Elevator Shafts, Invisible Electricity Delivery, and stunning design reaching into outer space, it has been hailed by many as the most amazing building in the entire game.

Now, it’s time to rewrite the rules.

PROJECT D2 will displace the Tower of Dreams as the next great advancement in architecture.

It’s time to raise the bar the Tower of Dreams set.

This structure will, once again, redefine what is known to be possible in this Blockheads game.

The plan has been set.

The foundation has been laid.

Now all there’s left to do is hold our breaths.

More details coming soon.

Mama food supply you why you post my house picture it’s not finished yet lol
(It still has no paints and other stuffs) haha

And I can’t wait to see the new project

It was too good not to! :wink:
Don’t worry I’ll update the pic when it’s in its full glory :slight_smile:

The rules need to go in the OP, please.

Got it!

Sorry about that, they’re up there now :slight_smile:

PROJECT D2 - Teaser I

From sea to space. The site is ready.

Time to begin.

All there’s left to do is hold our breaths.[/CENTER]

PROJECT D2 - Teaser II

Not all buildings are created equal.

This one is being created from the top down.

All there’s left to do is hold our breaths.[/CENTER]

Today, we are overjoyed to announce that TEAM FORWARD has just received its 200th vote on Blockheads Fans.

To all the players who took the time to stop what they’re doing, visit the server page, and tap that vote button, thank you so much. The feeling of teamwork and friendship inside TEAM FORWARD truly is like nothing I have ever experienced before in any other server.

With dozens of stunning new buildings already built, PROJECT D2 on the horizon, and a second-to-none team of leaders, the server has never been more captivating. And it couldn’t have happened without you.

Thanks to the creation of ownership signs, the era of steel everything is now over.

PROJECT D2 is made of Platinum.

All there’s left to do is hold our breaths.[/CENTER]

XD im excited??

A harmony in design, materials, and location that has never been seen before.

It’s so much more than the sum of its parts.

All there’s left to do is hold our breaths.[/CENTER]

Basking in Blinding Light.

There is no going back.

All there’s left to do is hold our breaths.[/CENTER]


Welcome to the start of a new era.

An era in which beauty is no longer defined by size and quantity; but by precision, elegance, and harmony.

An era with the power to make us go “wow”, even if we thought we’d seen it all.

This is the The Tower of Destiny.

It sets an entirely new precedent.

It started as a vision. Has been driven by conviction. And has been perfected by passion.

The Tower of Destiny is a sight to behold. This structure is absolutely enormous. It’s not a skyscraper, it’s a full-on spacescraper.

It’s unbelievably elegant. Each aspect, every single detail; has been conceived, developed, and applied with an unparalleled level of care and attention.

Its construction inspires a perfect harmony between its materials, its design, and its environment. Every part of the Tower serves a purpose. The result is beauty on a whole new scale.

It features breathtaking establishments like the Museum of Revelation and Summit of Divinity, embracing the spirit of wonder and discovery.

As we take a step back and actually see this structure for ourselves, we can all say with absolute certainty; that it is a serious contender for the greatest building ever made.

And as we all know, there are very few servers that are worthy of accommodating it. In this case, the proud host is TEAM FORWARD.

The Tower of Destiny is a symbol of our world’s vision. And this vision has been the same since the very beginning: to become the absolute best place to play.

Watch the brand new video here.

We are defining the present. We are shaping the future. And we hope that through creations like this, we will inspire others to do the same.

Come and start your Journey.[/CENTER]

Wow, its very very amazing, this is best building i ever see in theblockhead. i wish i was in photo too :frowning:

Very impressive. (Not at all self-advertising though)

Impressive… Where is it?

It’s been a long, tough journey.

But what it has produced in the end was worth every second.

The Tower of Destiny is breathtaking. As promised, it will usher in a new era, and a new way of thinking.

I’d like to say thank you to all those who came to TEAM FORWARD and showed their support. And to my amazing leadership team which was beside me, supporting me the entire way.

I am extremely proud of the Tower of Destiny, but also keen to put this gruelling task behind me. It simply would not have happened without you. So thank you, thank you very much.

It’s time to breathe out. :wink:[/CENTER]

Thx :slight_smile:

The Tower of Destiny is to the left of the Tower of Dreams (spawn).
I updated the post with an overview of the spawn area, hope that helps haha :wink:

Really helps XD :slight_smile: