Cloud World: The Void

This is a regular sized world with one goal: remove all the blocks (except for a few at spawn). Team effort required.


Server is 24/7, and is searchable.
PVP is disabled
No building. The object is to remove everything. Once that is done however…
Work as part of a team to remove all blocks.
No swearing
English only, please.
Come join the fun.


Yay! Someone made this world! Will trade portals/portal chests be allowed?

I dream of doing craaazy stuff…

so COUNT ME IN!!! Heehee…

I imagine people chipping away at the world a day at a time … like ants on a delicious pie …

It would be great if people give an update on roughly how much world is left. Maybe a system where people start from spawn then spread out so that the world is cleared a pole at a time?

p.s. wow 500th post…what are the odds! heehee

Definitely! The first goal is to get a PC that’ll be placed at spawn.

You know what would be funny? If someone came in and said they would grief it by destroying blocks. :stuck_out_tongue:
Go right ahead!


This sounds like fun!! I wonder how much will be able to be accomplished? I’m glad PC and tp,will be allowed, that will speed up the mining a lot.

This seems fun! Joining right now.

Found a diamond!!! But need an admin on to upgrade the portal. :smiley:


Hi, this sounds like fun, I would like to join in too. Do we keep the blocks that we removed? Thanks.

Portal chest available now!

Dude!! This sounds so awesome! I am in!! I have enough supplies to bring through PC
I have always thought it would be cool to see a world with everything gone, but do not have the patience to do it all myself!

Dug a lava chute right of spawn three blocks wide it a little ways away marked by a sign. I suggest if ur gonna use it or any other lava chute to dispose of garbage that you make a bunch of chests fill them with garbage and drop them instead of loose items as dropping the enormouse amount of blocks ppl will be it may cause obscene lag and possible corruption. Just a suggestion

Also i suggest we leave a thin layer of dirt so ppl can travel to new areas easily rather than having to navigate a bunch of pits when they first arrive. Once again just a suggestion staff and owner will determine policy. Happy digging!

Sound like good idea mag. That way people can. Get across etc kill the dirt last lol

Maybe some trapdoors at the top of wider shafts, would help too. If Joe thinks it’s a good idea. Then people could go down for digging but still walk across the top.

Btw, Joe, since you left me as an admin when I was finished upgrading, I wasn’t sure if you meant to. Or do you want me to unadmin myself?

Yay, progress! Sorry I left, had a little situation… Some of you who were there know what I am talking about… But this is great! I’ll be on more tonight since that… You know… Is gone…

Awesome! How’s the progress so far?

yea yea yea!

I remember cherry’s post, about clearing blocks starting directly above lava and working your way up so stone blocks can just fall to lava (and what did she say then…ah, poof? heheh). It’s a good approach if you dont want excess stone blocks cluttering the area while stripping away. if you want to keep ores you can dig them first then remove unwanted blocks underneath. since this is risky (if you die on lava you might lose impt stuff) you might want to put them in a chest with name sign a bit far above you while digging. well, thats just one approach anyway. but the chute is very useful, for digging from above. the last top dirt is good suggestion, and a symbolic one! like, when all is gone except it, everyone starts from a point in the world opposite to spawn portal, and dig it out until all go back to spawn :smiley: i wish there were fireworks in the game for this haha

p.s. i just realized, jetpacks are a total must. if you somehow log out without one, when you come back on and theres no block beneath you cause people dug them when you were away, youre gonna have a nasty fall!

I’m joining, I want to see a world of nothing!!! Mwahahaha!!!

This is what I’ve done so far on the first ocean (only the digging, other people drained it)IMG