Cloud World: Toxic Skies


The name says it all. :smiley:


Do not build or mine anywhere within 500 blocks either side of the North Pole.

All wild dodos and all eggs must be completely removed from dodo farms before logging off. All dodo farms must be located indoors.

No: asking for or sharing personal information, role plays, hacking, duping, hacked or duped items, unknowns, supershops, cheating of any kind, offensive language - chat - igns - names - pics, dating, protection signs, spam, advertising, invisible characters in ign, default pic.

Please respect staff.

Please use appropriate words as your ign, not a random string of numbers, letters or symbols.

Mods and admins may use their own discretion as to bans.

Admins must use a second account to play in the world with, and may not use admin powers to advance their play.

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A huge thanks to @Skeeve and @spacewalker for all your help in preparing the world to open!! Couldn’t have done it without you!

Is this a similar server to Iarnia?

How will you be able to manage two different servers?

It’s much more difficult than Iarnia. :smiley:
We needed a challenge to keep us going until Skeeve opens his world in July.

@WumboJumbo I’ve got a lot of help on both worlds, really super admins and mods. :slight_smile:

Do we need to escape spawn because if not I need help :joy::joy::joy: well either way I’m lost

No we need to try and survive and get what we need to progress. It’s extremely difficult so we are all lost, lol.

What I mean is I’m stuck in dark caves with no way out

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Did someone say there’s a challenge involved?

Edit: I just realized this server is like watching paint dry lol


Spacewalker is ahead of all of us so far! She has even achieved a campfire! Congrats spacewalker! The campfire doesn’t show in her pics, but you can see all her beautiful lime trees. The rest of us are green with envy. :smiley:

@Dreams Sorry would love to stay and chat but gotta hurry back to watch my paint dry.

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When I left for the night (3AM my time), spacewalker didn’t even have one lime to spare yet! Amazing perseverance :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes she said it was hours of work to get enough gems to keep the trees alive. But she did it!

Guess I’ll finish my farm later! Lots of limes!

Everyone else looking at this thread:

These guys must really like limes.

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No. it’s “these guys must really like watching paint dry”.


It’s not so bad once u unlock blow dryers to dry it faster.

Also, spawn is easier than it ever was after some recent changes.

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Too easy now smh we had to wander aimlessly in the dark

Wow super farm, so much better organized than my hole in the wall lol.

Time for some tools I suppose


What should I name my new friend?

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