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I haven’t even started building the school! I’m still planning it out…


I do think it would work best if it was fairly close to spawn so people can get there. :smiley:
Looking forward to seeing what you build.


Could I join? I’m looking for a server to do tulip genetics on (perhaps also tree and plant), because single player means it’s harder to start out and later show off what I’ve accomplished.
This server just seemed too convenient to pass up :stuck_out_tongue:

My IGN is “Kittens :smiley:


Cute avatar :smiley:
Could you please tell us a bit about yourself as a player of blockheads? What kind of things do you enjoy doing? How do you feel about following rules, even if you don’t agree with them? What about respecting admins and mods?



I started blockheads when my forever-bored sibling found it on the App Store, and I played it with my cousins and him for big, 4 player games. The others had a short attention span, and since the early game was much more fun at the time (much less time spent crafting, much more time spent farming and mining), we had a lot of worlds. The furthest we ever got was a minimal size electrical furnace setup.
More recently, I started playing a solo-world, and although things were slower to begin with, I found it much more enjoyable. I could do things as I wanted, whenever I felt like it, and I could therefore delve into something I’ve wanted to do for a while, genetics, which is easily the best part of the game IMO. I’ve done some minor messing around, although I’m mostly unlearned in the subject and could do with some help.

As far as following rules I disagree with goes, I’ll follow them until I either learn to appreciate them (which is what happens pretty much all of the time), or in more extreme cases, play for long enough to earn enough respect in the community to petition against them. And by petition I mean write an essay on how the rule is complete rubbish and should be deleted immediately, with a poll glued to the top/bottom. Fortunately, I agree strongly with all the rules you enforce, so none of this is really relevant.

I view admins and mods as players with a couple extra buttons to help enforce rules. As far as I’m concerned, they’re just regular members of the community, and shouldn’t receive special (or worsened) treatment. Nonetheless, I try to be as friendly as possible to all players anyway, so the fact that I’m not recognising the moderator status as reason to be extra nice shouldn’t mean that I’m not nice in the first place.

Tl;dr: I’m more used to multiplayer than single-player, I’m interested in genetics, and I tend to keep quiet about rules I dislike unless they’re absolutely terrible, and I have community backing. I treat admins and non-promoted players the same.


Well, most of what you say sounds okay, but if you start polling against the rules, I’m afraid you will be banned. A server is not a democracy, it is owned by one person, like some one owns their house. Being invited into someone’s home is a privilege, and you can’t just change things around to suit yourself. It is only polite to either follow their rules or else leave.

And I’m glad you’re nice to all players, but you do have to do what admins and mods ask you to do. You don’t have to do what other players ask you to do.

I agree that genetics and growing things and figuring out why they grow a certain way and how to make them grow the way you want is a lot of fun.


Lizzie you should make a group for tulip central members/staff


Thats a good idea, Rockwid.
Why don’t you start one? :smiley:


hehe im not the owner of the world you know :)xP


Since I am the owner of the world, I am giving you permission, as one of my admins, to start such a group if you would like.


Hello! My IGN is “£Lapis lazuli£”. Since I’ve never actually been posting on the threads or anything, I know I may seem a little suspicious. If I would add anything before you ask me to tell a little about myself, I respect everyone’s rules to the fullest extent. I’m also interested in Tulip Genetics ever since I found out that they even existed in the game


Thank you for telling me that you respect the rules of servers, I’m very glad you do. :smiley:
Could you tell us a little more? What else do you like about the game? How do you get along with fellow players? How do you feel about respecting admins and mods?
Thanks. :slight_smile:


im almost ready for pixel art. just made one took me 54mins its video on yt its speed art. ill pm you daa link:)


I have made a group for staff members like admins/mods… i have invited you Lizzie :slight_smile: hopefully we can make the server even cooler:)


Wow. Just realized I’m admin :smiley: Thanks Lizzie!


Welcome to the Tulip-Central Admin Team:)
Enjoy Your Stay. hehe:P

You’ll be a good admin :slight_smile:


Hello, my IGN is NJ. I’ve been fairly inactive the past 6 months or so, but I would love to get into any kind of server. With admin experience of close to two years on some notable servers, I think I would also make a valued asset not to toot my own horn :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t I know you from Survive with Style?

Edit: Just checked the thread. Yup, it’s you. I will white list you now.
Please read the rules over one more time before you join.
You can take a few coins and jet packs from to visitor’s chest to get started.

You may build either on the marble platforms to the right of spawn, or on a sky island.

Welcome to Tulip-Central. :smiley:

@ Andie - You’re welcome. :smiley:


Oh yeah I remember you from survive with style, thanks for accepting me!


can i join please lizzie? I promise to follow the rules and help out on the server as often as requires! Thanks Xx

Ign: Vxckzz

Edit: Btw forgot to mention- What great rules!!! And the portal chest idea is sooo awesome!!! Bravo