Cloud World Tulip-Central


I’m sorry, I didn’t explain properly in my answer to you. I mean tell us a little about yourself as a player of BlockHeads, what you enjoy doing in the game, (or what you don’t) what kind of worlds you like playing on, things like that.


Can I join?IGN Melanie220


Certainly, Melanie! I will be happy to have you on Tulip-Central. I hope you enjoy all the tulips! :smiley:


Thanks :slight_smile: And yes I do enjoy tulips :slight_smile:


You may take a few coins from the visitors chest, and some jet packs. There is a portal chest there to use, but please but it back in the chest after you use it. :smiley:


My name is Samual and I am 12. The reason in which I would like to join is that I am continually playing the blockheads and I have recently been looking for a fun server to play on. If you were to let me on it would really make my day and if you do say yes, you don’t have to, but could you send me a direct IP to your server. =-)

I like to play on worlds where the rich and powerful do not interfere with the new people to the server, and I do not like fighting other players unless I really want to, for example in an arena and I do not like people with cheats or people that mess your world up on purpose.


As I said in the explanation, I was not asking you for personal details about name and age etc, but about what you do as a player on Blockheads. There is no PVP. So you may not fight anyone at all.

You would have to obey the rules of the server, and that includes respecting the mods and admins and cooperating nicely if they ask you to do something.

If you are willing to do this, I would be happy to have you on my server. :smiley:


I like to survive in blockheads and have strangers that become friends help me

I’m not good at building but I do try


Have you read the rules of the server? This is a tulip growing world. You may not build or plant on the ground level, except for tulips and carrots and coffee cherry trees.

Please read the rules over again, and let me know if you are willing to follow them. :smiley:
Because that’s the part of my post that I really need answered before I can whitelist you.


I have read the rules again now, I prefer to make sky bases anyway. I definitely want to join.


Okay, I will white list you now. :smiley:
You may take a few coins and a few jet packs from the visitor’s chest. There is a portal chest there for public use, please don’t carry it around, just use it when you need to and put it back.

Welcome to Tulip-Central. :smiley:

Ummmm . . . You still didn’t tell me that you would follow the rules. Just that you read them.


OK thankyou


Your tulips are GORGEOUS!!! I love the color!

And here is Lovegoodfan looking like a Tulip herself :smiley:


I will always follow your rules


Thank you. :smiley:
I white listed you, are you able to get on? Just search Tulip-Central and it will let you join.

I don’t know how to post the ip. Or find it, lol.


If it’s a cloud world there is no static IP or port. It changes each time the world is stopped or restarted.


Thank you, Milla. Now I will know if someone asks me that again.


hi lizzie may i join? ign maldit


can i join this awesome server? IGN:Rockwid


Certainly, Maldit. I’m happy to have you on Tulip-Central. :smiley:

You are now white listed. You may take a few jetpacks and a few coins from the visitor’s chest. You may pick any tulips from the ground level, but please replant if the area is not protected. Thanks!

Since I don’t know you yet, ( either from the forum or from other servers) before I white list you, could you please tell me a little bit about how you play blockheads? What kind of things you like about the game, what kind of servers you enjoy, how you feel about rules, things like that.

Thank you. :smiley: