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Can I please join? ign emmy >_<


I guess you didn’t see my answer to your first post.

Could you please let us know a bit about yourself as a player of blockheads? What kind of things do you enjoy about the game? What kind of servers do you like playing on?

How do you feel about following the rules? About cooperating and getting along with other players? About respecting and cooperating with admins and owners?

Do you enjoy mining, building and planting, or do you prefer the excitement of PVP?

Thank you.


Oh, right sorry, I didnt see where the first post was. I have played on blockheads (not fourm) for 4 years. I enjoy the animals and farming. Servers I like are those who are semi developed or fully developed so i can help make it grow/have fun. Following rules are equal are good server… Who hates people who wreak havoc? I enjoy mining planting and buliding


Loveheartgirl17, the first version was released in very late 2012. Almost 2013.


Thank you for answering. And I know that we enjoy playing bh so much, it seems like it has been a part of our lives forever, lol, even if the actual time in real life isn’t as long as we thought.

But I didn’t quite understand your answer to the the question: How do you feel about following rules?
And you missed just a couple of other questions: How are you about getting along with and cooperating with other players? How do you feel about respecting and cooperating with admins, mods, and owners?


I feel fine about following rules, I can cooperate with other players, but may not answer a question as im to busy crafting ect. I respect and cooperate with mods and admins as long as they re not corrupt.


How do you handle the situation if you feel they are corrupt?


May I join I am all about tulips and the hybrids and mutations also will a portal chest be allowed my ign is (the weegee maste)


I sent you a pm.


Can i join my ign is wareagle451 i like trading and selling stuff in the game as well as building things like factorys for the refinerys and others stuff like that


Thanks for telling us a bit about your style of game play. :smiley:
Could you tell us a little more? How are you with following rules? How do you feel about cooperating with admins and owners? What do you do if you disagree with someone, or feel you have been treated unfairly on a server?


I have never been banned from a sever i always follow the rules that im aware of (i read them all at the welcome page) and ill work with the admins if they need something. And when I disagree with someone i normally just leave the sever for that day or a few hours


Sounds very good so. :smiley:

I will whitelist you.
Please read the rules over one more time before joining.

You may take some coins and jetpacks from the visitors chests to get started. You will need them, lol. You may build on the marble platforms or on the sky islands. When you pick tulips, please replant one of the bulbs.

Welcome to Tulip-Central. :smiley:

Edit: Done. You are Whitelisted.




Looks like fun! I love farming tulips, so if I join, will you give me some tulip seeds or bulbs to start me off? (I am Taffy-Hawk or Taffy_Hawk or Taffy-ah) I would prefer hybrids, but if not, normal is fine.

Ok so, I follow all rules. I will obey admins and owners if they are REASONABLE (like “get out of my house,” but not “if i give u this, u will give me that.”) Whenever I disagree with someone I’ll just ignore him/her or leave. I normally do not talk a lot, I am not disrespectful. I am a farmer, not a digger. I try my best to assist newcomers (but not all the time though).

PS To be honest, I HAVE been banned, but only for accidentally attacking the owner :frowning:
Kicked once by my sister, who was trying to get me off (I was gone, but my BHs were still on brb) :smiley:


Don’t worry, I have been banned myself - if you play in public servers, you get banned eventually, even when you always follow the rules. Either for unintentional mistakes, like yours (mine was leaving my chat off, so I didn’t hear what they were telling me to do, won’t do that again! XD) or from admins and mods on a power kick who just want to ban someone.

As long as you follow the rules, show respect for the admins, and cope with disagreements by leaving, not fighting, you are welcome on Tulip-Central. I am white listing you as Taffy-Hawk.

The only problem is the server will run out of credit sometime tomorrow. I will add credit when I have mined enough tc, but it may be a while. But between now and then you will have some time to get a some bulbs and explore a bit. :smiley:

You may take some coins and jetpacks from the visitors chest to get started. You may build on the marble platforms or on sky islands. Picking tulips is allowed - it’s a big part of the fun! - but please replant a bulb each time you pick a tulip.

Thanks, and welcome to Tulip-Central!


Can I join? Ign unholycrusader. I will follow all the rules since they are easy and I too have also been banned on a random server for insulting the admins because they had duped tc


But why did you trap me and attack me when I had helped your team and done nothing to hurt you, only hid and laughed a little? And then I was killed. (Weeps sad tears and wonders . . . . )

Edit: (Still wondering . . . )


Idk who u are -,-. Why? I dont remember probably cause its a pvp server.


I’m Horatio.