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:open_mouth: That makes sense…


@Lizzie Please whitelist Taffy_Hawk too, as I might go on that one more often. Thanks!


Okay. But please read the rules one more time - things like woven flax mats are most definitely not allowed on this server either.


@ Unholycrusader - no answer? Hahahahah, I’m not holding a grudge, I was just curious about what you would say, lol. :smiley:

I will whitelist you, but not with the ign Unholycrusader - do you have another, slightly less - ahem, evil - ign you could use here?


May I be white listed? I love breeding tulips!! BH name. Rebel Princess



I replied to your pm. :smiley:


Lizzie, I have recently gone onto the server to discover that all the supplies of the visitors chest has been robbed. I have added three more portal chests, but there’s not much I can do about the money, because I really don’t have that much.



Oops, I took the pc by accident, (but not the money) soooo sorry, I have put it back! [emoji33][emoji27]


Perhaps the players I have recently added didn’t understand what I meant by “take a few coins from the visitor’s chest.”

If that is what has happened, can the players return some of the coins and some of the jet packs?
Thank you.

Edit: it’s okay, there are still coins and jetpacks there. :smiley:


Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, I did try to refill some jet packs there and I sold all my fuel for coins :dead:



Lizzie, I would like to plant tulips and build a home. Can you protect a spot for me? Thanks


You can start building and planting, chose somewhere on a sky island or on one of the marble platforms. Please put a wooden sign with your name on it on your house. I will try to put a sign on your house next time I’m on the server.


Ok Lizzie :smiley:


if th admins are corrupt, i report them.


Ok so basically I was on when the one hour left sign flashed, so I added 7 days to the credit. Still needs more than one week, help guys


Whitelisting you now.

You may take a few coins and jetpacks from the visitors chest to get started. Please build on either sky islands or the marble platforms.

Welcome to Tulip-Central. :smiley:


[SIZE=6]All whitelisting requests must now be referred to asyc .[/SIZE]


Don’t worry, I added another month of credit :slight_smile:


Can I be whitelisted my bh name is Gamer Guy Alex


I come onto the server and realize I’m admin :eek: Thanks so much! :cheerful:

I have come across one problem, I came on, and realized all the tulips in my tulip seed chest are now gone!!! And I don’t remember taking them anywhere…