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Hello! Can I be whitelisted please? My nickname is Crystal Waves.
For the telling-you-a-bit-about-myself part, I usually play on pvp-disabled servers, as I hate killing and dying and stuff that are violent. I especially like building and planting apple trees. Now I would like to try planting something new, like your server’s tulips, breeding them would be fun. I think respecting admins, mods and owners are vital for maintaining a server well. As a player I would follow every server’s rules and respect admins, mods, owners.


IGN Crystal Waves has been whitelisted

Please read the rules over one more time before joining.

You may take some coins and jetpacks from the visitors chests to get started.
You may build on the marble platforms or on the sky islands. When you pick tulips, please replant one of the bulbs.

Welcome to Tulip-Central.


IGN: Light-Harmony
Hi may I please be white listed, I am a person who has patience in what I do, I follow by the rules and use my creativity to help my builds.


may i be whitelisted pls i am very curious about tulips
IGN nisheal


There is also one heck of a handcar course on the server to the right of spawn. It’s pretty far away but worth it. You’ll know you’re close when you see the boat watervators, and a giant tulip with tracks inside. But the course starts on the far mountain top across that ocean.


I believe I have found my first MP world I would like to join! I have been trying to figure out how best to get my feet wet with MP worlds and wasn’t ready to dive in to one that had PVP or imminent death upon arrival - lol. I also didn’t want to just enter one without knowing what I’m doing. This world intrigues me because I can get my first experience, learn the proper etiquette and ways players interact, and enjoy the breeding of beautiful tulips!!! I could also build my very first structure above ground, learn how to fly a jet-pack, and experience my first ocean. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better first MP world.

A little about me so you can decide:

I am somewhat of a Newbie, I have only my SP world right now and occasionally visit my son’s world locally, whom I’ve made sooooo much better for him. It’s now much more organized and prettier too. I enjoy harvesting my coffee cherries, apples, oranges, cherries, corn and carrots. i just recently started to farm limes, coconuts and red peppers. I avoid cacti and prickly pears like the plague, (read 27 scorpions and you’ll understand.) I LOVE my donkeys, ALL of them. And my absolute favorite item in the game are Dodo Eggs!! LOL I think their like finding a diamond even though they are a dime a dozen…but they are so cute and if I could grow a tulip to have that coloring it would be so cool. I wish there were lots more things to do with them.

I have absolutely loved building things when I have the time in my world. I’ve created a really large, pretty, glass house next to my spawn, but because of all the amazing builders on here, I have been too embarrassed to post it. But I think it’s pretty. I’ll go post it in pictures right now so you can see it. Keep in mind…I’m a noob so it will probably look cluttered and sub-par to you…but I’ll get better.

My electric benches room is my new favorite and I am addicted to mining!! It’s so fun to find and clear out resources, and discover something new or unexpected around the next dark corner. :slight_smile: I’ve enjoyed hunting for clay especially … LOL … I know, nerd. But there isn’t enough of it yet in my own world. ha ha I can still get to the sun easily when I’m on a clay hunt, and I find many gold chests that way too. I never would have made it to the East Equator if I hadn’t been desperate for clay. I’ve overcome two cave trolls already with only one minor injury on the first (I accidentally trapped myself inside his cave when trying to block my single block tunnel, LOL.) The second one I used my new-found skills of drowning prey and cleverly disposed of him in only a couple minutes without one injury. I have a love-hate relationship with drop bears. I got hurt - a lot - and eventually cut or burned down all my exposed pine trees to get them out of my hair so I could actually get things harvested and travel. Of course, after them I was trapped by scorpions on both sides of me. But the bears are kinda funny, and I learned to kill one during the day with an iron sword coming down from the top of a tree. So maybe I’ll learn to make peace with them after all. I don’t know.

Since I’ve never joined an MP world, I don’t know what IGN to give to you. Do I get to create a new IGN for your world? Do I create one that I use in all MP worlds? Or, do I have to use my main SP BHs IGN? … I have 4 BHs there…

I would love to help make tulip central “Arboretum-like” cool. If I can join your world, then you’ll have to advise me on how to move forward. :slight_smile: Thanks! Beautiful idea for a world.


If you’ve already joined a cloud world, you can use that username but otherwise you should try joining a random server so ou can claim a username. You can hit the join random server button and try different usernames that you like and when you find one and it lets you join (you don’t have to stay at that server, it’s just to claim the username), you can come back and post the username here so you can be whitelisted.


can someone pls whitelist me IGN nisheal


If it’s all right, I’d love to be whitelisted as well. I love messing about with tulip genetics. :smiley:
My IGN is PhoenixMage (same as my forum name). Thanks!


I can’t remember if I’ve been white listed. been a while. IGN: Death guy 24


Yes death guy you have been whitelisted.

JuJuBee22, I can whitelist you on this name or you can choose another IGN and let me know later and I will whitelist that one.


are all whitelisted now.

Please read the rules over one more time before joining.

You may take some coins and jetpacks from the visitors chests to get started.
You may build on the marble platforms or on the sky islands. When you pick tulips, please replant one of the bulbs.

Welcome to Tulip-Central.



My what an adventurous day yesterday was for me in blockheadian lands! I went to get my IGN name, and ended up stuck in a world building all night with kids/teens. Lol. Soooo, I’m a jet-packer now, AND ive tinkered with two sky islands. I’m making a white-chocolate martini glass because my Amethyst tree looked like a cherry sticking out the top of a martini glass. So glass blocks and all…yada yada. But oh did I have an uncomfortable first foray in MP before that. The first world that i entered to obtain my name and character was a horrible s*x sight and in the rules it encouraged blockheads to do that! So tacky and awful. I was scrambling to hit the exit button. Lol.

My IGN is “JuJu Bee Digging” (with spaces) but my character name is always JuJuBee. There were lots of tulips on the sky islands so I was really excited to get on Tulip Central with my own aged peers (or at least closer than 8-14 yrs old lol). They were sweet. Some were so young and desperate and preoccupied to be mods or admins asking non-stop, and their feelings got hurt easily. I tried hard to be kind and help them see what older people see when someone begs after just joining! I stressed the magic of focusing on the fun challenges, and helping others in kind ways everywhere they travel in the world. Eventually, they’ll either be lost in the fun and forget this “be the boss” thing and no longer desire it, or it would come naturally BECAUSE they weren’t aiming for that. One kid “got it” and learned fast; He totally transformed and is doing it right now. The other was more like my son, who has social difficulties and disorders that make him less mature. But the owners of the site kept asking to make me mod and admin because I was helpful and kind; and I wasn’t even interested. Lol. The poor kid was so upset. But I gave him an ownership sign pronto when he asked to help him bounce back. I assume there are so many young kids playing, and many lonely, that it probably helps for adults to venture out to their arenas occassionally - with our “patience” and “compassion” hats on - to be a glimmer of brightness in their difficult days.

Anyway, I’m no longer scared to join and embarrass myself in front of all of you, by falling out of the sky to my death, or running around unclothed for days on end, or accidentally breaking something with my aim-challenged fingers! Heehee


Thank you for whitelisting me! I’ll definitely be on soon. :slight_smile:


Wow, what an adventure you’ve had already!!! I agree totally with your philosophy of being kind and show compassion to all, especially the younger players to show them what wonders and fun it is to play the game properly :slight_smile:

Your IGN JuJu Bee Digging has been whitelisted and we look forward to having you explore Tulip-Central XD

Please bear in mind that the server tends to be rather quiet and you may not encounter anyone at all :stuck_out_tongue:

However I love the peace and tranquillity of it, strolling around the tulip covered ground and looking at the pixel arts and various style of builds players have created, not to mention ride on the amazing hardcar track Jemni and Sherriff Woody built for our friend’s birthday present!

However if you wish to meet up with likeminded players such as Skeeve, Jemni, TMM, etc, feel free to visit SKeeve’s Challeng (water world, where Noah’s Ark is at antispawn), Skylands Arena (Handcar track racing/anything handcar really) , The Land of De Nile (Egyptian themed server which you have to get out of a maze first) or Hydronova (Stargate space/sci-fi themed)as well.

See you there!


Hi!! May i join your server? I want to expand my tulip collection.
My ign is KITEL

Thank you!! :blush::kissing_heart:


I tried to join recently, and it seems like I was taken off the whitelist. I am wondering if that is a mistake or the reason behind it?


Did you try again? Maybe it was only temporarily


Just tried and it is working again so it must’ve been internet or some other problem, but it’s working now. :slight_smile:


Hey, congratulations on 1000 posts Ronnie. :slight_smile:

I’ve been off the whitelist for some time, but to be fair, I hadn’t been to the server for awhile. I just figured that someone had cleaned up the whitelist.


Ok, can I be (re)whitelisted? I’m in the market for some tulips…