Cloud World Tulip-Central


Ah, Tulip-Central was one of my few favorite servers. Tulips are my love, tulips are my life. I’m really not sure if the server is still open… Will check on it now. Even if it’s no longer running I mighty occasionally add a day to go look at the beautiful tulips because tulips are my favourite thing in blockheads…


@Asyc is the owner and the one to add players.


It is still open, and as beautiful as ever! :slight_smile:


Yes Kay the server is still open to existing whitelisted players. Look forward to seeing you there!


Hello! Could I get in? I am a tulip breeder and this sounds like a fun server! My BH username is Moldy J. I would be delighted to be on the white list… Thanks!


I’m so happy the sever is still up and running. The whole place is so full of nice tulips with different colours, I can just scroll through and watch them one by one all day.

eye candyyyy


May I join? My name is SilvaLife.


I’d love to come and check it out too! IGN is UNIHORSE!!


Can you whitelist my bot? It can say things, and reverse things! It can run commands, store data, and have triggers!

IGN: MajicBot


May I join?


Guys the server is closed to applications…


Can I join please? I want to join because I love Tulips and I am looking for mutations.


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Hey!, my IGN is FlameWolfGamer14, and I LOVE breeding tulips and I was wondering if I could join your server. It seems pretty cool from what I heard.
Thnx and I hope you accept me


Server threads can be brought back up from the dead. :wink:


I don’t know how to pm somebody :sob:


That’s okay. You didn’t do anything wrong :slight_smile:


Can you or someone else tell me how to “pm” someone and also, what does “pm” mean?


To PM someone, click their name and then click message. It means Private Message.