Cloud world: UNIHORSE

Cloud Server: UNIHORSE

Rules: Survival
World size: 4x
Creation date: 9th of June 2015


This server combines freedom of choice with rules that allow all players to play together in a safe and working environment. The world itself is out of multiple smaller towns/cities and areas that are combined with a worldwide railway system for easy transportation. As a player you have the freedom to choose what you want to do. Everything from creating huge cities and making pixel art to living far away from civilization is okay and welcomed. It’s totally up to you.

Do not hesitate to ask the staff members questions, we are here to help.


Note: If you are absent for a long time your buildings/things may be removed.

  • No tolerance for duplication or hackers/script kiddies. TC piracy and its users are not welcome.

  • This is a game, not a dating site. No adult themed discussions. No inappropriate avatars & keep the chat cursing free. That includes use of shortcuts that stand for offensive language.

  • We do not give out free stuff/starter kits. You have to work for your wealth without the help of staff members, they are not allowed to help you by giving/lending items.

  • Do not ask players to join other worlds with the intention to advertise.

  • No hacked/duplicated items or unknowns and supershops. For realism pole clothing is not allowed.

  • Do not ask to be an administrator or moderator. Impersonating any player is not allowed.

In order for the server to run as smoothly as possible we have lag reducing rules:

  • Portals should not be left placed when leaving the server. Trade portals do not count.

  • Do not use water as decoration.

  • Do not keep more mobs than what you need.

  • Do not use more flywheels, steam generators & other moving items more than what you need.

Please report rule breakers to me with the in-game report button and describe what rule was broken. Incomplete reports will be dismissed and not viewed.


ROP (Revenge Of the Players) is a group players and their servers who share a blacklist. If you are caught breaking the bannable offenses (see list below) you will be banned from all ROP servers.

Bannable offenses:

  • Inappropriate avatars/language
  • Hacking in any way

Link to the ROP thread on the forums.

Other reports and questions can be done here on the forums.


Hiding a long way from spawn, on this server also, My Purple Unicorn.


I am very happy to be a part of this awesome community and I seriously recommend it as it is child friendly 100%


Ooh, I remember visiting this server a long time ago… I’ll have to go check it out straight away! It sounds awesome. :slight_smile:


This server is pretty cool from the small bit I’ve explored so far!

spawn is just breathtaking! I also love the portal stations as well as the railroad making transportation very feasible :smile:


i had gone on this world before just to check it out. I didnt explore much so ill check it out more :slight_smile:


Looks cool, Unihorse.


I’m now offiially announcing the building competition has started!

Building competition: Space Theme!

Location: 100 TC at left

Time: From 10th of november until the 10th of december!

Everyone is free to join: The competition area is unprotected from bottom to space. We can protect your building after it’s done.

Want to join to build but not compete? Just leave a sign sayin’ ya aren’t in! You can still build there.

Good luck! Top three builders get somethin’ very sweet!


What do you want your admin peeps to do??

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Today was so much fun! I just thought I’d share some of the pictures of what happened today:

Coconut party and group pictures! Some lag too, invisible donkeys? And Beyoncé.

All da single ladies… all da single ladies.

oh OH oh


Welcome to the forums, Country!

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Thanks!!! :blush:

How do u message ppl? Like how do u find them

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Wheres Wolfies moon and alien? Was that not in the comp?

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Same thing as making a post @Countrygal27

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@milla I messed up with the poll that I worked on for ages, it won’t let my edit the post / delete it… Could you possibly remove/delete the post or just the poll itself? Poppy!!!'s art is unfinished and @Wolfie-21 is missing from the post and poll… :dead:

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You can’t add a choice, but you can close the poll.

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@Blocky1 Yeah I did that but the whole post is quite big and it won’t let me delete it… Oh well.

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You can’t do anything with polls. Best just make a new one.

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Alrighty. I was just wondering if it’s possible for you to delete the post, it won’t let me delete it. Is there a reason for that?

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Yes, there’s a poll in it. I have to delete it via the admin functionality. I’ve done that now.