Cloud world: UNIHORSE



Wow that’s beautiful!


This server is awesome!:+1: I was wondering what time I can catch a train though. :slight_smile:


Trains in blockheads are self run. Every once in a while someone has a train ride party. You can usually tell when someone is having one. Key words to listen for are “all aboard " and " next stop ______ station!” You are welcome to come on and have a train party yourself. Buy an engine, some coal, and some passenger cars. Than gather some riders and have fun seeing the the world!


@GoodGradesBoy 's Living Town!

Do you want to live with other people in beautiful houses high up in the sky? Do you like nature and old-fashioned houses? This town is exactly what you’re looking for!

Living Town is located 15TC > from spawn. It has its own train station like the other towns for easy access.

Living town is full of houses that you can choose from. The houses are in pairs of two, you can live next to someone if you like.

Living town is full of places to make living there as easy as possible. Here you can see a beautiful garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables. No need for a supermarket here!

High up in the sky and nowhere near water? No problem, there’s even a fishing pond in Living Town. Satisfy your fishing needs and get yourself a house right next to it!


Wait… We’re allowed to build entire CITIES?


Yes indeed! I’m not sure how many player made towns exist right now but I’m currently in process of posting more about our towns in the future.


Halloween is almost here. It is time for another server credit lottery! Are you interested in possibly winning 2000 (1 month) worth of credit added to a server of your choice? You’re at the right place.

Out of all the contestants three will be lucky enough to win something.

1st place: 2000TC (1 month worth of credit)
2nd place: 600TC (1 week worth of credit)
3rd place: 100TC (1 day worth of credit)

Entry is free. Just post below if you’re interested and you’ll be added. You’ve got time until the end of 31st day!


im in


I’m in


So basically free tc is good now.


I’m in. :wink:


I’m in


Piracy isn’t involved if that’s what you mean.


I’d like to enter.


How is someone gonna win tc?


Means that Unihorse will add credit to the a server of the winner’s choosing.


I’m in! :smiley:


I’m in


I’m in


Well, time’s up!

Congratulations to…

  1. @Dlxpv312 for one month of credit!
  2. @agentpinkdog for a week of credit!
  3. @Boltlord for a day of credit!

Winners: PM me with the world info you’d like the credit to go to. World- & its owners name should be enough (unless there are many with the same name). To those who were unlucky this time, no worries! You’ll get another chance to win.

Congratulations to the winners again!