Cloud world: UNIHORSE



Can I get a plot? To the right of Lucky’s zone. Also, is it okay if I have two builds? Whichever ones gets a better score, that’s the one I’m going with. Or one is entered without the competition.


One enter per person (sorry, should have clarified that!) but you can build more just for fun. Just choose which one is competing before the 24th.

Edit: About the plots, I’m making more space/a second platform today.

Edit 2: @Celadon I just took a peek at the area again, there’s still space so I don’t need to expand the platform. I can protect an area by you just next to the middle area.


Two days left, I’m exited to see all the builds! Judging will be done via polls on the forums instead of on the server’s WM like we did on the last one. It was hard to make and a bit of cluttering as well.

I will post all the builds combined with a nice single-choice poll to go with. What’s the suggestion for voting time, one week?


I’ve told many people this, my parents hate me being on the cloud network. So if you have any pictures of builds you can share I’d love to see them. :slight_smile:


From the competition or the server overall?


The server overall, but also some of the competition’s :slight_smile:


I’ll do the competition builds and the votes on the 24th when the building time ends but overall builds from the server sounds neat. I’ve had ‘post the towns on the forums’ on my list for ages now and have managed to only post @GoodGradesBoy 's town so far.


Great, sounds good, thanks. :slight_smile:


Limited Time
Raining donkeys from the Living Town!

I removed all carrots to hopefully reduce that. Some donkey crowding is going on.


I just removed them all 8 hours ago!


I’ve run into a small problem while creating the poll. It only allows 10 options but we have 11 contestants. Last competition I made a poll on the server WM with a (bad) HTML poll from the internet. Not only was it time consuming on an iPhone 5 but it also effectively cluttered up the WM.

@milla Is it possible to allow more than 10 options in a poll & is there a particular reason why it’s only 10? Not the first time I’ve tried to do polls with slightly more than 10 options either.


It should be possible in the Discourse settings, milla will tell you for sure though.

#329 absolutely LAGS on Welcome messages, when trying to remove it and paste it.

I beilieve that there are raining donkeys because it’s imganation and horses(donkeys).


The wait is over and everyone can finally vote! In order to make sure no one votes twice you will need to log in with your Google account to answer the poll. No worries though, I can’t see who you are and all the answers are anonymous. I will let the answers float in for a week at maximum but will close it up sooner if they stop flowing in before that.

There are some artworks that were not included in the votes since they are not in the competition, check those out on the server with your own eyes!


I can post some towns for you.


Sorry. Slow. Will have a look.

Edit: Okay, doubled to 20.

I think it’s defaulted to that as most polls don’t really run to that many choices.


Yeah thought so too, thanks. I can host the next vote here then. Much easier for everyone.


Hey this is sophie_unicorn/sister02!

I got my own account on here!

Great job uni for setting up the poll


Nice to see you here @Sophie_unicorn!


Hey, welcome Sophie :heart: