Cloud world: UNIHORSE



Sounds great! I took a few pictures already of Narwhal’s town but haven’t managed to post them yet. If you want to post that town I can send you the pictures of it.


Uni I think that a person on your server right now is hacking or is trying to put water all over your server for melting ice in the sky and putting down generators


I’m on my way


Multi-posting is not allowed on this forum.
This is when you are posting twice in the same hour, without anyone posting after your post. If you’d like to add to a post click the pencil icon. To fix it, delete the second post.

:notes: Gotta ban them all, the greifers/hackers.


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It’s not just a double post. It’s naming and shaming. I just deleted it.


Should have looked at the date, I just assumed GGB was right.


Sometimes they just round it I believe…

1 hour 10 minutes = 1 hour.

We’re also reducing the number of portals on this world for less lag. :wink:


The portal reduction is working! The lag has greatly decreased.


Hey lovelies,

The server is currently on lockdown for a rollback. Nothing to be worried about. I will announce the meme competition winners later today both here and on our Discord server. Hopefully we can all play together again soon :heart:


Feeling sad what happened while doing our field trip from server we took over hehe… :slight_smile: I hope ur server be done as soon as possible :slight_smile:


Meme building competition Januray 2018 results

It’s time to announce the winners! Thanks to everyone who voted, we had 24 in total. Watching the artworks form and develop was amazing. If you missed this competiton feel free to join the next one!

First place with 41.7% out of all votes is SOPHIE_UNICORN, congratulations!


Second place with 12.5% out of all votes is CALEYCBB, congratulations!


And lastly on a shared 3rd place with equally 8.3% are… LUCKY2005, TITAN.XR, SUBZERO WOLVES and ETHANJ3! Congratulations to all four! Artworks below are in said order.





The server is currently on lockdown so giving out the prizes might be a challenge. Winners, feel free to private message me either here or on Discord anytime.

UNIHORSE's pixel art

Hello everyone!
This is xX5642cjXx speaking.

Guess what?
I just got my own account on the Blockheads forums page!

Shoutout to Uni for announcing the meme event, I already feel so proud for the winners :grinning:


Welcome to the forums!


Gee, thanks Uni! You mean a lot to me.


Me too haha


Welcome Snowy as well! Glad to see everyone here.


We’re open again! I will prepare to listen to the complains of people who have lost some of their progress now :sweat_smile:


Please don’t tell me it magically got attacked (and subsequently reset) after I explored it… Again.

Whoo! It didn’t! (continues exploring anyways)


CJ, have you read the community guidelines? They’re in the “About The Meta Category”. I reccomend removing the stuff shaming the offender since you aren’t supposed to name and shame.