Cloud world: UNIHORSE



Welcome Snowy as well! Glad to see everyone here.


We’re open again! I will prepare to listen to the complains of people who have lost some of their progress now :sweat_smile:


Please don’t tell me it magically got attacked (and subsequently reset) after I explored it… Again.

Whoo! It didn’t! (continues exploring anyways)


CJ, have you read the community guidelines? They’re in the “About The Meta Category”. I reccomend removing the stuff shaming the offender since you aren’t supposed to name and shame.


Sorry Brother. I’ll reconsider what I type next time. Also because there was this hacker on the server yesterday so me and Snowy made a video to warn the general public.


Deleted the post in question. If you get pulled up for breaking a rule in future please edit your post to make it go away. The more people who see your post the worse your sin, so to speak.

Can someone please PM me with the actual images used in the video? That video is compressed.


@Snowysprinkles would have that I assume.


Happy Valenties day! :heart:

We decided to make a small event on the 14th for everyone to celebrate their friends and loved ones. If you have time and are interested feel free to join us at 20TC left of spawn in the sky to build small pixel art hearts. It can be easily accessed with the elevator from ground.

Don’t miss it, it’s a one day event only!


I might not have time :frowning:

Milla, yes I do have the original photos, how would I give them to you :slight_smile:

Btw I might not be active for a while, it’s monday ugh. So if I don’t reply immideintly, sorryyyy!


Multi-posting is not allowed on this forum. Please see the following thread/link on what it is, and how to fix it: How to fix double posts. (with images)

To give Milla the pictures, tap on her name, click “Message” and to show the pictures, click “Upload.”


Oh whoops :frowning: I didn’t know that


Welcome to the forums snowy! You might have to read a few posts to earn basic before you can send a pm.


Me also? :pensive::pensive::pensive:


No problem :slight_smile:

If you private message me and use the icon above the text field that is an arrow pointing upwards from a horizontal line you can upload and message me the images. Thanks in advance!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Stop by Unihorse and build a heart for Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the hearts already completed by @Candi-Grrrl , @xX5642cjXx , and unicorn person.


Mine also coming soon :wink:


Looks great so far! I’ve been busy all day but I can finally play in a bit :blush:


Hey! You can see my statue!

I don’t know why that made me so excited :joy:


Suddenly knows the location to travel to but realises they’re half a world away


Sorry I didn’t build the heart, I had to sleep.