Cloud world: UNIHORSE



A massage for @AlliG8tor for Valentine’s Day


Wow! Thank you soooo much :blush: I’ll definetely check this out.


Looks amazing! It fits so great with the art on the right by £ALEXANDRA£

I’ll be posting the rest of the artworks soon for everyone to see! :heart:


Even my ugly one that I have yet to finish? :see_no_evil:


Is the Valentines area still open?


It was a one-day event but some had apparently started before the 14th so no one will die if you build something now as well. Want me to protect an area by you?


Sure. I just have to figure out how to build without paints and get there in record time.


Feel free to join. It’s a mess, a lot of people are online :yum:


Lag Party going on there?


Really lag free nowadays. All thanks to @Shariu :wink:


Could one of the administrators tweak this sign? (just need the bottom column removed so I can build and paint the rest of the head)




The event was a blast! Too bad I was working & busy most of the day but it was amazing to see the hearts being built. Here are some of the amazing artworks on display. I’ll add more when the rest finishes, some people aren’t done yet :heart:

UNIHORSE's pixel art

Thank you for removing that pillar, mine is finished now.


Hey cool, my love potion is there. :stuck_out_tongue: This makes me fascinated for some reason.


Mine pixel art is looking cool! :innocent:


I’m loving everyone’s wonderful pixel hearts, especially the one that Uni built! :smiley:


Hey uni, I was wondering when I could collect my prize for the meme contest?


I keep coming online right after you have left argh. Are you busy today?


I have been trying to get on Unihorse for a few days and it won’t load. So sad.