Cloud world: UNIHORSE



Yeah, it’s hung. The 2 people that it shows to be online aren’t actually there.


I wanna join so bad but it just won’t work! :frowning:


@piggywiggy33 Just wait for a while. I’m sure Milla will fix it I think…


I agree I want to join so bad as well:( it’s annoying me. When is it going to be fixed milla?


Lkely whenever she’s recovered enough from her surgery. I already can’t remember the specifics (I think it was her shoulder) but I do know it was serious enough to permit a few weeks of rest.


Her surgery got delayed until later this month. She is just really swamped with work right now. Uni’s pm may have gotten lost in her long queue.


Oh. Thanks for correcting me! Is it okay if I bookmark your post for future reference?


You do not need permission to bookmark a post. If someone does not want their post bookmarked they should not be posting it in the first place.


I know, I’m just kind of asking by extension whether they would mind being quoted in the future as an answer to a similar question.


I wonder when the server comes back… It says whitelisted maybe because Milla is fixing it I think?


It’s whitelisted until it’s fixed, yeah. I’m sure everyone is busy with the new update so we’ll just have to wait and hopefully we’re running again before 1.7 :smiley:


@UNIHORSE Okay, thanks Uni! I’ve also been preparing for a really long time about this update…


1.7 comes out today!! I’m so excited!11!!!


Maybe even under 5 hours away!


Mine is 12:00


Come on guys we can wait for this, just several more minutes!!!


It’s here!


Update here, server down. What a combination :arrrrgh:


When will it be back?


No idea, hopefully soon :slight_smile: