Cloud world: UNIHORSE



Uni I’m on your server now. I can help with the box challenge. I’m on now.


Sorry, wasn’t online at that time. Hopefully I can catch you later today :running_man:


I’m tidying up my town, custom peotectionbsogn sizes! Lowercase letters to fit more rules! Oh goodies!

(Dodo Lab & Imganation Center coming soon)


Since 1.7 brought TP discovery on survival worlds starting out on the server is much slower now. As requested I will work in adding upgraded workbenches near spawn to ease the process. Until now we only had the basic ones, those were level 1 or 2 at max.


Here’s my mob farm under my tulip farms & shops at Farming & Taming station. I’m not working on anything special, just kind of cleaning up some of the messes I’ve made. The “box” on ground level is my cave trolls current home which I’m planning to relocate somewhere else. The layout of the whole farm area is done, all I need to do now is finish decorating it and remove unnecessary things away.

As the picture on the left shows I’m also experiencing the current bug where trees randomly die. On the first row there are none growing even though I’ve tried to /repair & column - clean the area. On the left side the lower 4 ones are simply empty because I haven’t planted anything yet.


what are those rainbow horses




Can we caged some unicorns for breeding or do we have to breed them there. Just informing because I want cage some and I will breed them first before I take unicorns I breed.


Not exacly sure what you mean but everyone is free to breed mobs on the server.


I meant we free to cage them in your farm or we need to breed first before we take them?


I thought we were calling them Unihorses on this server…





I named my first unicorn, Unihorse, but then I placed it on a protected zone ;-;


Don’t cage mine! :lol: The place should be guarded with iron doors & trapdoors anyway. I’m planning on selling unicorns soon…ish (I did say that last month too) but hopefully I’ll get that done soon.


Okay sure lol. I’m fine with breeding but I have to go so far first not being lazy hehe I can do this and nice you selling unicorns :smiley:


Just me or does no one seem to be online anymore?


Inactive owner usually means inactive server. I’m busy with my personal life at the moment but the server is on the list for the next field trip. It’s still very much alive & I’ve been online daily, just not as much as I am normally.


Hello fellow forumers! It’s time for me to come back from my Blockheads slumber and get the party going. A big day is coming up: the server is turning 3 years old on the 9th of June! We’ve already started planning the special day with our staff team but we would love to hear your suggestions and ideas: Feel free to post them here or on our Discord chat :heart:


Cake building competition!!!

Unihorse unicorn parkour and race center?? (idk it sounded cool)


A unicorn race sounds great. I can provide unicorns & blocks for building etc.