Cloud world: UNIHORSE



Inactive owner usually means inactive server. I’m busy with my personal life at the moment but the server is on the list for the next field trip. It’s still very much alive & I’ve been online daily, just not as much as I am normally.


Hello fellow forumers! It’s time for me to come back from my Blockheads slumber and get the party going. A big day is coming up: the server is turning 3 years old on the 9th of June! We’ve already started planning the special day with our staff team but we would love to hear your suggestions and ideas: Feel free to post them here or on our Discord chat :heart:


Cake building competition!!!

Unihorse unicorn parkour and race center?? (idk it sounded cool)


A unicorn race sounds great. I can provide unicorns & blocks for building etc.


Great if you want I can sell you a 2,234 luminous plaster blocks if you want :wink: not sure about how many of the blocks but I’m sure there are 2,000 blocks and don’t worry I have more :wink: In case you need. Just an offer!


I’d love to buy some for our storage - I don’t think we have any. PM me on Discord about the price and where we’ll meet?


Close enough to last day of school. :no_mouth:



3 year anniversity party results!
It was an amazing and fun time together - with some of us playing at midnight or at noon. One of our favorites was having a good old Unihorse race!
Recorded by @GoodGradesBoy (you should totally subscribe)

Recorded by @PorkyTheChop

Unihorse made some custom games such as Last One Standing & Lottery!

Last Player Standing is where plays sit on a block, as another person will randomly break each one.

The idea of the lottery is where you pick a safe to pay for, and win random prizes - from a dirt block to 99 diamonds!

And I made the arcade with the classical games of Tic Tac Toe & Worm Target!

Some of these games are available for playing year-round, so come with your friends if you missed it! 33 TC left of spawn at 3 year anniversity station.

(Some builds are shown in my Unihorse race video so give me views by clicking here:


Also who knows that unihorse is a character in Crossy road? Lol



That’s even worse then @Brer-Rabbit’s T-posing Crocker.

Please @Blocknuggets don’t build that too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you @Ziameter for sharing us what pixel art idea you could make or me. Why not @GoodGradesBoy :lol:



“I demand sacrifices”


SERVER: Please don’t murder anyone. If you do be sure to clean up the blood.

Anybody remember that trigger?


@GoodGradesBoy Did such a great job with showing the race & minigames that I am only left with posting the party builds. The creators are listed under each 2 pictures in order.

Noris And Chuck, @Shariu

@Blocknuggets, Ekl130


@Wolfie-21, @UNIHORSE

Wolfie’s and Ekl130’s builds were made last year but since no real party was held back then they were included to this post.

I definitely had a blast! Due to me traveling on that day it was hard to multitask but we all had a great time. Thank you to everyone who came!


Currently exploring the world… Spending a sleepy night in a small cave away from the snow!


Brrrr! Are you circumnavigating?


Yes! My clothes are about to break. :frowning:


You are probably near a village. Stop to make more clothes before you reach the cold areas again.