Cloud world: UNIHORSE



Great if you want I can sell you a 2,234 luminous plaster blocks if you want :wink: not sure about how many of the blocks but I’m sure there are 2,000 blocks and don’t worry I have more :wink: In case you need. Just an offer!


I’d love to buy some for our storage - I don’t think we have any. PM me on Discord about the price and where we’ll meet?


Close enough to last day of school. :no_mouth:



3 year anniversity party results!
It was an amazing and fun time together - with some of us playing at midnight or at noon. One of our favorites was having a good old Unihorse race!
Recorded by @GoodGradesBoy (you should totally subscribe)

Recorded by @bilingual

Unihorse made some custom games such as Last One Standing & Lottery!

Last Player Standing is where plays sit on a block, as another person will randomly break each one.

The idea of the lottery is where you pick a safe to pay for, and win random prizes - from a dirt block to 99 diamonds!

And I made the arcade with the classical games of Tic Tac Toe & Worm Target!

Some of these games are available for playing year-round, so come with your friends if you missed it! 33 TC left of spawn at 3 year anniversity station.

(Some builds are shown in my Unihorse race video so give me views by clicking here:


Also who knows that unihorse is a character in Crossy road? Lol



That’s even worse then @Brer-Rabbit’s T-posing Crocker.

Please @Blocknuggets don’t build that too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you @Ziameter for sharing us what pixel art idea you could make or me. Why not @GoodGradesBoy :lol:



“I demand sacrifices”


SERVER: Please don’t murder anyone. If you do be sure to clean up the blood.

Anybody remember that trigger?


@GoodGradesBoy Did such a great job with showing the race & minigames that I am only left with posting the party builds. The creators are listed under each 2 pictures in order.

Noris And Chuck, @Shariu

@Blocknuggets, Ekl130


@Wolfie-21, @UNIHORSE

Wolfie’s and Ekl130’s builds were made last year but since no real party was held back then they were included to this post.

I definitely had a blast! Due to me traveling on that day it was hard to multitask but we all had a great time. Thank you to everyone who came!


Currently exploring the world… Spending a sleepy night in a small cave away from the snow!


Brrrr! Are you circumnavigating?


Yes! My clothes are about to break. :frowning:


You are probably near a village. Stop to make more clothes before you reach the cold areas again.


No need! I finished my journey just earlier! This is very satisfying…

While traveling, I found out that this tree was defying gravity! :eek:


BReeding trees should be a thing. xD


Selling rainbow maple trees today for only 5000 platinum each!


Cough Cough Totally not a ripoff…