Cloud world: UNIHORSE



Casual evening stroll with two trolls…


Unihorse my stuff was removed while I was off wifi for a week can you please put it in a chest at where my house was I would like to put it back into my other world through my portal chest thanks -€£¥ninjagofan¥£€


Hey, I have sent you a PM.


Wow it is a very brilliant building or pixel art made for the server anniversary!


Earlier in the afternoon, a player with godmode spawned 5 Blockheads and destroyed some protected blocks at spawn. They also dropped tons of baskets filled with full stacks of maple seeds and flint spades. Fortunately, Asyc came over and banned them! We all started to help clean the spawn with chests!


Wow perfect timing Asyc on there in unihorse or else could worse thing happened. And by the way the administrator and moderator should investigate first before decide who is really responsible for this you cannot judge because it happened the first with giants and now here recently isnt a accident or same person who did this.


Thank goodness Asyc caught one of the hackers!


What a shame this has to happen. Why do people even do things like that? Does it bring them enjoyment when people suffer?


See on the pic 1 and 2 the ppl are without jetpack flying and cutting the tree in a protected area without being admin


Woahhhhh this looks like a awesome server! :open_mouth:
But… I can’t join servers for whatever reason… it never lets me :cry:


So sad so can u join mac servers?


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Hello people! I have joined using a different device :wink:
My name is undicoversundefan. well not so Undercover now… ju undercover st announced it to the world XD
Say hi :slight_smile:


This server is very helpful for me to collect money on my portal chest


Unihorse experience:
I just wanted to give a truly heartfelt review of this server.
I joined a few years ago on my old device and I remember even then it was lovely. I came back recently and it genuinely gave me faith in blockheads again. To see such active admin and hard working players truly inspired me.
As I was starting to get tired of blockheads and how easy it was with all these best before 3weeks servers it was amazing to see such hardworking players. I genuinely think before people consider becoming a owner they should check out @unihorse and really take some notes. Legitimate positive gaming is truly a long term possibility.

(cumberhead4evs :wink: )


Thank you for the feedback! Glad to hear you have enjoyed your time on the server @Sugarflop :heart:


Building Competiton: Mythical Creatures

I’m pleased to announce that our new building competition has started. This time we have a very special theme: Mythical Creatures. Anything that fits the theme is welcome.

The event is located at 91 TC to the right and can be easily accessed using the worldwide railway system. Building time is from 8th of August until the 29th (three weeks). Default building area size is 61x61 blocks.

During the 4th week everyone will have a chance to vote for their favourite artwork. Three most voted artworks will win.

1st prize: A cave troll and one month of credit to a world of choice
2nd prize: One week of credit to a world of choice
3rd prize: A safe filled with goodies

Competing isn’t mandatory, everyone’s free to join. Make sure to let us know if you’re not interested in competing. A sign at the artwork or a message to a staff member will do.

The event area is provided with everything a pixel artist could need. Paint stores, golden beds, portals and a street fair for players to sell their own items at.

A huge thank-you to @Shariu for doing such a great job with the event area.


Yess another building competition I love these


@Shariu wooow prepped and prepared!


I’d be interested. If nothing else, my head is stuffed to the brim with magic and fantasy. :stuck_out_tongue: