Cloud world: UNIHORSE



i love to do these competations but i just have 300 platinum coins left so i cat just participate in


I would love to see you build Testif! If a staff member does not happen to be online to give an area you can always poke me or an administrator on Discord.

300 platinum is a lot, why wouldn’t it be enough? @BUILDITME1


its not too much even thought its 3 weeks for u and for me its just 5-6 days becuase i am just online at saturday and sunday


I might just be delusional(and apologies if this is the case), but I think you either gave the wrong coordinates or wrong picture, because 91 Right does not look like that at all. :face_with_monocle:


To the right and from spawn?


Wrong way that is 91 left. Go ——-> of spawn.



@Shariu Well dang it. ;-;


How did you manage to go to the wrong direction? :lol:


That gives a nice view of shopping island there at 91 tc left! @BUILDITME1 it only took a day to complete the hippocampus.

And it didn’t cost 500 plat! You can build a beautiful mythical creature in 5 or 6 days for 500 plat.


You sent me there…

Oh dear random fluctuations in space-time, I am indeed delusional as I appear to have forgotten what "left" and "right" mean. ;-;


Hold up your two hands with your palms facing outward. Make right angles with your pointer fingers and your thumbs. The one that makes an L is the left side. As long as you have your hands and remember this trick left and right will always be easy to identify.


We should put a sign to which way is right and left and every station! :laughing:


I think I was just really really tired, but I was legitimately freaked out for a second. ;-;


Here’s what I made for the event:


As requested we’ve extended the event time by two weeks. The event will end on the 12th of September now. Don’t miss this chance to win free credit for a world of your choice!


To build or not to build… That is my question. I have a good idea, but I don’t know if it counts as fantasy or how big it might be.

And thanks for extending the time, I keep forgetting I want to build something


May I request this part of the build area(end portion of left platform) be protected in my name?

If yes, IGN to be used is 4TheUnds


Of course! It’s protected by you now.


Living Town Hotel

A room in Living Town that you can’t edit. Meant for new players to start progressing and using the crafting house!

First two weeks are FREE!
After that, you can use the display cabinet next to your room to pay more!

  • 1 day for 1 gold coin!
  • 1 week for 5 gold coins!

What’s included?
In the room…

  • 4 chests
  • 4 shelves
  • 1 soft bed
  • windows and lighting

Around you…

  • All the features of Living Town!

What else can you do with your room?

  • Connect rooms if you have a friend (only if separated by ONE wall)
  • If you have one, you can also ask to place a portal chest.
  • If you have one, you can also ask to place a small square painting.

Please message GoodGradesBoy on the forums for a room.


Sounds great!