Cloud world: UNIHORSE



Coolio bro!!! Lol


It looks so creative


Congratulations to @D1nghead101 for winning a cave troll & 1 month of credit to a world of choice and °•(Turqoise)•° for winning a week of credit to a world of choice!

There was no need for a voting process as only 2 buildings were completed in time.

Here are the builds in order:

Winners: private message me here or on Discord for your prize.


I just tamed my first dropbear on the server! Say hello to Snuggles!

I’ll be selling dropbears in my shop at Shopping Island once I have enough of them.


Worst server ever…¯_(ツ)_/¯(´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)(c" ತ,_ತ)


Why is it the worst server ever?


Some people just seem to say that as soon as they can’t get something that is clearly not allowed.


So I haven’t been here for a while and that’s because of certain reasons


No worries, we all have a life outside the game.


Yep, so much of a life that we play blockheads at 2 in the morning :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds accurate to me. :laughing: At least I have been sleeping at two in the morning though! :smiley:


Or 4 in the morning in my case this morning😂.




The entire Blockhead community is invited to UNIHORSE for a tamed rainbow unicorn giveaway!

I will be distributing them left of spawn up the pink glass elevator throughout the day. Depending on how many are interested they might run out quickly, but I’ll do my best on taming new ones as quickly as possible. If I’m not online at the moment wait a bit or pop by later for a sparkly new friend!


Happy Birthday @UNIHORSE you lovely lady! I hope you have the bestest day!


Thank you so much Sugarflop :heart:


Happy birthday :slight_smile:

I already have rainbow unicorns so I may not participate in this.


Happy birthday @UNIHORSE!


Happy birthday @UNIHORSE, here’s to another year of you doing great things for the community.


Happy birthday Unihorse!!