Cloud world: UNIHORSE



Happy birthay,Uni!


Whoa! Thank you guys!


Happy birthday @UNIHORSE!


happy birthday!! x


happy birthday uni!


Happy birthday Unihorse :grin:


Thank you so much!


Ugh. Keeps crashing for no reason. I’ll try to join later. But truly a great server!


Sorry to hear that! I hope the disconnections ease up.

I just tamed a new batch of unicorns. If you’re is missing one, pop by to get a new friend :unicorn:


Happy birthday @UNIHORSE


Happy birthday Unihorse!


Have a lovely birthday, UNIHORSE :slight_smile:


Thank you! I had a great day. Heading to bed now :heart:

In case anyone missed the giveaway I’ll be sharing a few more tomorrow before taking down the giveaway area.


The holidays are getting closer & it’s time for another event!

Not a building one this time though. Grab your paint buckets and join us at the Winterland area below the station for a winter-themed pixel art competition. No blocks needed.

Event time: 10th - 31st December
Location: 128TC left of spawn

Each player is given a 31x30 underground area. Administrators are ready to hand out ladders to those, who do not own jetpacks.

Not into painting? Unleash your holiday spirit by visiting our Secret Santa area and give your friend a gift for Christmas!

We’re accepting presents until the 23rd of December. Administrators will happily place your gift in a safe at the location.

Up for a small challenge? Visit @GoodGradesBoy’s Donkey racing course left of the Secret Santa!


Paint buckets… why must you remind me of the paintings(flags) I said I would make and sell?


I’d recommend bringing a donkey if you are racing. An unprotected area is available to the left of the donkey course.

Don’t forget carrots for those falls!


I already finished my painted artwork! Here’s a mid-progress picture of it:

Come & check out the finished one yourself!


Is it done or not?


It was done and the picture shown was during painting.To see the finished product you’ll have to visit the server :wink:


Secret Santa? Will there be a name drawing, or just give gifts?