Cloud World: Urbano (New Thread)

Welcome to Urbano!

Urbano was launched in January 2016. Its central idea is Independent Cities. Each City has their own theme, their own mayor, and their own rules. Here are some of Urbano’s Cities:

Urbano Capital

Atlantis Metropolis

Chroma City & Citadel City

Natura City

Animalia Kingdom & Cinema City

Angel City & Rocket World

Walking Dead City

Winter Fantasy City & Oceanside

Pixel City

Imagine City & Skyspear City

Maritime Mayhem

Urbano Kingdom

City of Giants

In each City, you’ll not only find loads of cool buildings and art, but also several fun minigames and activities, including the Skyride Handcar Park in Atlantis and the Urbano Olympics in City of Giants. And of course, if you want to add your own work, there is open land in almost every City! :smiley:

Urbano will open to the public simultaneously with the release of Blockheads 1.7, on March 15. Our newest world, Atmos, will open on March 21. If you’re looking for a developed Cloud World that has just about everything you can think of, where you can dive in and try out all the new 1.7 features the instant the update comes out, then you should definitely consider checking out Urbano!

Join Now >

The link will work once you have downloaded the 1.7 update :slight_smile:



Yay this looks very cool :smiley:

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Good to see the urbano’s back! Very cool buildings

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@Prototype @Blocknuggets Thanks guys! Hope you like it :+1:

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Really loved the whole citys and my favorite the natura city!!!
And Im really excited that u said you will opened the atmos to public 6days from now!

Atmos will open 6 days after Urbano.
I think Dave’s got an announcement for us tomorrow that will let me get some solid dates out there :wink:

Edit: Urbano will remain open after Atmos opens, and it’ll be a place that’s free to use for people to hang out and relax :slight_smile:


Lol I got wrong read lmao its okay I could wait :slight_smile:

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That looks like an amazing server!! I especially like the cave troll, chest, and ice torch pixel arts.

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Excited to visit!


I will make lot of pixel art

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Where did you find all these talented builders?

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From forums lol :smile:
(Don’t mind)

So excited!

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I remember my first time joining Urbana back in the 16’ I was fascinated in the handcars going around the Urban universe speechless It was one of my best blockheads experiences and inspired me to make my own server. I created 3 different servers

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That’s so awesome to hear Juicy!!!

Oh boy can’t wait!
I love the diversity of all the builds and the different references from games n’ stuff.
Also my inner love for war is going crazy over the The Spitfire, Focke-Wulf and M10 pixel arts!
(though the M10 needs tracks on the side, the antenna is in the wrong place and should be coming out from the frontal side and a machine gun is needed on the turret >~>)


I logged in from my friend’s computer just so I could like- so hyped!

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THANK YOU Titan!!!
@anon85547976 The mayors are the founders of each city, so they’re all in place. Sorry!! But I think you’ll like it in Angel City nonetheless :smirk:

i might just have to come to this server just to look at the buildings


…and mabye have some small conversations

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Ask @Imperial-Storm, it’s his City :laughing: