Cloud World: UY Pegasi 4b

This is a PvP server where there are no portal chests, and trade portals are off limits.

You are trapped in a hotel with a maze you must complete to exit. There are people waiting for your death! You need a room, many supplies, and a lot of money to escape.


The planet you have seen is now destroyed. Billions of years of the Sun expanding have caused Earth to be engulfed. Astronomers have discovered a potentially habitable exoplanet about 13.7 billion light years from Earth. It is part of the UY Pegasi 4 solar system. It is called UY Pegasi 4b.

If you have been banned from this server, please contact an admin/mod via private message.

If you want to become an admin or mod, please add credit to this server.

  • 7 days: mod
  • 30 days: admin


  1. Mods
  2. Co-admins
  • .-sari-.
  • turbo guy21
  • tobyisawesome64
  • dr. stone
  • happymeatball
  • thatdumbchick
  • chuynaboi
  • solojayy
  • ursive
  • i_lovedogs
  • rainbowkitger
  • alan shooton
  1. Admins
  2. Co-owners
  • ricky-on-google
  • i am the man
  • thunder03
  1. Owners
  • uy4

Play it at

Are there any rules on this world? If so, can you please add them as text to the first post in this thread.

Also, I don’t recommend giving admin for world credit. Administrators have a lot of power and can cause you serious problems. Only admin people you really trust or you are compromising the security of your world.

Atm on the server I could not find any rules what so ever so I don’t know of Any (p.s I’m not the owner of the server just thought I’ll inform you)

I’d recommend that you also make sure to only admin people who are serious about helping out with your server.

6 months after running out of credit, we have announced that the server will be closed. This topic was once closed, but it was reopened.