Cloud World: Yoshi University

Hi everyone! I’ve made a new public server called Yoshi University! It’s a casual roleplaying/freebuild server where you can enrol as a student at Yoshi University and take classes, live in student dorms and more!

It’s essentially a platform built in the sky. Once you spawn in (and take a starter) you can go up the elevators to the entrance hall, where to the left lies the local village, and to the right, the university. Conveniently there is a skyrail beneath this platform that allows you to ride around these premises.


  1. Please do not dupe/bring hacked items in the server
  2. Do not drop an excessive amount of items
  3. Ask admins for starters or a dorm room! Place starters in the glass area above spawn.
  4. Build community structures on the platform to the left (unappealing ones may be removed)
  5. Be respectful towards others - harassment, spam, etc. will not be tolerated
  6. Have fun!

Below are some images of builds in this world so far:


Entrance hall

Library/Student Hub

Student services

Chapel - yes we worship yoshi egg here :slight_smile:


Some fun community builds (built by Raph, Zeshen, mei and R)

Zoomed out picture

This is just a fun little project I did with some friends, hope you like it!


Love this world! Too bad I cannot join any more servers. :frowning:

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Thank you! I’ll post updates on here anyways so people can see :smiley:

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Wow, the server is gorgeous! I’m enrolling. :books:


Aw yay thank you! See you there :wink:

omg im def joining after school

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This looks amazing!! I’d join and check it out, (when I’m on study break!) also nice buildings!! Literally looks so awesome that I’d take photos :stuck_out_tongue:

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What a unique concept for a server! Well done! :thumbsup:

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This is so cool! I’ll check it out during my weekends, keep up the effort with your builds!

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Very pretty builds

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Thanks so much guys! :smiley:


No problem!

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