Club edit for posts


Think this should happen.

Some sort of club edit. if you don’t know what I mean, I mean that a club of 2-3 should be able to edit the original post and any post if it is assigned to another person like how you assign people to PMs.

This would be unlocked in TLVL2


This already exists, in the form of wiki posts

if a third party doesn’t respect that you and your friends don’t want them modifying the thread, you can dm milla and revert it to before the changes were made without a hitch, at least i believe that is how it would go


I don’t want people to be capable of editing my threads.


I mean select users, not everyone.


As always (why do I constantly have to repeat this?) please address all feature requests and changes to the developers of Discourse. We do not alter the code of this software. You can offer them feedback at:


Legoboy isn’t allowed to have a forum account on discourse’s page. I’m guessing he wanted someone else to relay it on to them if they liked it, like he did on this post:


Then he can use one of their other channels. The fact remains that such feedback to another developer, who never visits our forums, is redundant. It should go to Discourse, not us.

You wouldn’t send feedback to us by posting on Microsoft’s forums, would you?


Maybe because if we have a suggestion we can’t know for sure which feature is part of the discourse code you won’t touch and which feature is in force because of your settings?


When people ask if something can be altered in the settings I take it that they don’t know if it can be done under settings. When they suggest specific things to be made possible, I take it that they are suggesting a feature be added.


Sorry, I don’t get your point. Why do you assume everybody knows there is a fundamental difference between - for example - setting a minimum character limit (you can do it) and making double posts impossible (only Discourse devs can do it)?


I don’t. I am aware specifically of Legoboy continuing to post Discourse suggestions here, despite knowing that I’ve asked that this not happen. He says so in his other Discourse suggestion thread, saying he can’t register on their forums.


Probably because he doesn’t really know which suggestions involve discourse directly, he should think more about that.