Have you ever wanted to make someone the co-owner of your server?

What admins can do:

  • Protect
  • Upgrade the main portal
  • Kick, ban, whitelist, un-ban, admin, mod, un-mod, un-admin
  • Change custom rules
  • Turn PVP on/off

This seems too O.P

What about admins can’t admin, whitelist, or un-admin others, change the custom rules. Because that is very overpowered. That stuff should be for owners.


  • Can do everything an admin can do
  • Can admin, whitelist, un-admin, change the custom rules
  • Profile color: Pink
  • Can access owner portal’s logs and chat only.

(I have censored the profile pictures for their privacy and I asked permission)

Pros: This is very useful

Cons: This power can be abused

Credits TheFoil, ::SOUTH::, _JAEDEN_, in a server called "Anime South"


milla Blockhead

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Is banning other admins included in this? I assume so since it wouldn’t make sense if I couldn’t un-admin someone but I could ban them. I bring this up because of the stalemate situation that this presents, that is that a rogue admin cannot do anything to the other admins (good) but the other admins cannot stop the rogue from breaking everything (bad).

Despite my distaste to adding in a role between admin and owner, it seems that the permissions gap between mod and admin is proving to be too problematic for people. To solve that problem I personally prefer the idea of realigning the current admin role to a co-owner position and making a new admin role the slots in the middle co-owner and mod.


The admin role was meant to be a co-owner role though, right?


Same thing with mods. Can mods ban mods?

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Well it’s called admin, not co owner.

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Not totally sure to be honest, I’d assume they can though.

@Brer-Rabbit In terms of permissions, the only thing that separates owner and admin is access to the owner portal and immunity to bans, in other worlds admins have near total control over the world, and as such it can be argued that the admin role is essentially a “co-owner” role.

The underlying issue with the roles and permissions as they are now so that a moderator can’t really moderate since they do not have “admin vision” and as such cannot see what is happening in all corners of the map. This results in many owners bypassing the mod role, creating a dangerous “all or nothing” staff structure. It is because of this that I do not believe slipping in another role between owner and admin in the correct choice, simply providing mods with the means to do their job properly is all that is required.

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Mods cannot ban other mods. They can only ban regular players. It’s always confused me why admins have the ability to ban each other; I suppose it’s for the dire case when a good admin witnesses a rogue admin going crazy and they manage to hit the ban button first (it’s usually the crazy admin that smashes the ban button first, though).
Mods, I think, are useful for moderating the chat, since they don’t have “admin vision” and can’t walk through metal doors and all the other permissions that admins have.

Personally, I’ve always thought that it’d be convenient if we took some permissions away from admins (such as banning other admins and appointing new admins). Some people have suggested a compensation in creating a role a tier above admins, but that would need a limit. A small limit.


Being a mod is great! I don’t have to assign gold signs, I don’t have to spend all my time playing, chasing after other players, I can get online spend my time talking to friends, or go do what makes me happy, and while I’m doing that monitor spawn, for hackers, and chat for the things I miss, that someone else would see, I can ban, I can report via the game, and we have the forums to ask for milla’s help if we need roll backs and a lot of us use the discord app for chatting to world owners and other staff members directly. I don’t see a need for a co-owner roll in this day and age.


It could also be the opposite: a rogue admin goes crazy and bans all admins :wink: