Coal can be dug up or brought on trade
If u in a No trade portal server , coal will eventually be limited

So an option to make coal would be good

1 Coal can be made from 5 charcoal and can be made on the press


Is this adding onto the already-existing coal, or revamping it? Ah. Make coal. (Silly me.)
Good idea, if slightly unscientific. But then… [U]CAVE TROLLS![/U]

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I think that’s a awesome idea. I my single player world, I don’t have much coal left and the prices for coal are really high. 10 gold coins for only 1 coal.

I’m all out of coal on my world.

This is a simple yet great idea! Crafting coal would be awesome! I can’t believe no one suggested this before :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought of it due to a stupid unknown stealing 14 chest Full stuff at least 8 full of train track , hand crafted on a tradeless server coal was tights then … It’s even tighter now lol

I know u can get coal on a sluice, but That long time waiting and crafting and hopeing.

on a server with rule, if u don’t have Diamond portal u can’t have electric, no electric, no sluice so another option to get coal is much needed

Plzzz milla and Dave we neeeddddd coal lol. Begging eyes here. Lol

i think the charcoal would have to be pressed at a press bench to become one block of coal, not the furnace. where i live, we have two sources of coal: wood and coconut shells :smiley: so you might as well be able to use those. i suggest a wood block at the kiln becomes 1 coal, and 2 coconuts also become 1 coal.

good idea cherry. i usually dont use coal for my steam gens (i use it for steel making). 1charcoal only feeds 2 units of fire. if we can make our own coal we dont have to mine it as much for making rails and instead include this step at our HQ. wood/coconut/press charcoal-make coal-make steel ingots-make rails.

Coal is for steel … For rail tracks I use charcoal for the fires but I’ll add some u idea in thank you :slight_smile:

I love this idea! I usually buy coal from the trade portal when I’m low and then gather a bunch on my next mining trip, which will last me a few stacks of rail tracks and then I’m back to the trade portal again (or back to the mines). But, if I run a WFS server, then that would be much more difficult to do. I love it!