Code Doors



Hello I think this will be a good idea to add to the game a code like a iron door but it uses a code to get in so if you have a friend you want in your base but don’t want to remove the door you can give them a code .
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Maybe a code lock item?


Yea that would be cool you could put it on anything


It could get a bit complicated having to type in a code just to pass by a door.

I’d like to expand on @WumboJumbo’s idea. Perhaps we could have key cards that have the codes set on them? This way we could freely pass the door. Plus, the owner can set the keys themself and give it to the player, instead of typing it in the chat and letting the whole server know the code. The owner of the door would be able to change the code and make all the keys stop working if they needed to.


That would essentially make it a whitelisted door.


Yea I guess it would be interesting to have still bc if you have a lot of people u can whitelist them to be able to enter