Coffe cherry (again :))

Where can you get coffee cherries? I know it’s in the equator but where exactly is that? I live in the west. Is it in the same place as the actual cherries? What do they look like? How often do they grow?

Also, what do you need to regrow one? Like I said, I’m in the west. Do I need dirt? Campfires? Greenhouses?

They look like apple trees but are much closer to the equator. They equator is where the sun moves directly perpendicular to the world, and to grow the trees you just plant a coffee cherry in dirt or compost. I suggest compost for faster growth, or else it takes forever to grow,and you get very little during growing season. Also if you find a tree meditate by it for a while, to bring around growing season, and grab a few cherries.

Here i have my coffee cherry farm, which has one picture with the cherries and one without.

Here’s a tip for growing coffee plants anywhere you like once you find them,

3 words:
Camp Fires

Dig out a cave maybe at least a width of 20 and a height of 10 + 3.
Place campfires along the floor, space them out as you like, but not too far apart.
Fill the rest of the spaces in the floor row with dirt, then place 2 more layers of dirt, or if you prefer 1 layer of dirt and 1 layer of fertiliser on top.
Plant your coffee cherries.

Unfertilised coffee takes much longer to grow, on the other hand, fertilised plants die quicker as well. Fertilised plants yield more produce.

What do you mean by fertilizer?

Probably compost. Please don’t post to old, dead threads unless you are contributing in the meaningful way.

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They might’ve gotten a suggestion confused with an actual feature.

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