Coffee?! (I'm kinda panicking)


So I made a new world and I traveled over to skirt of happiness (finally) but no coffee cherry trees?! Were they moved?


You may have just not found them yet. They grow in the hottest areas, so it could be you don’t have any at all and will have to meditate for coffee cherries.


I know there was an update, but before that update there were always at least 3 coffee trees and the East and West poles. Has that been changed?


Are you saying you had found trees there previously(on the same world), but they aren’t there anymore?

To add to this, random despawning of trees/overall glitchiness and death of them has been happening since the update, along with lighting and loading bugs which certainly don’t help the situation:


Yeah I didn’t have any coffee cherry trees on my poles either. I had to buy them in a trade portal and plant them on compost. They seem to be growing just fine.
Try planting one on compost and make sure that it has direct sunlight. Meditate for several days and hopefully it’ll start growing coffee cherries :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a randomly generated world. Some trees may die in the process of exploring. To achieve a coffee cherry, you can either meditate for it or use a golden tool on dirt.


Start a big cherry farm! It’s pretty worth it if you are speeding up times for crafting. I had my blockheads not be able to sleep for several days!

I don’t think they can die from lack of sleep.

Plus I used extra time to make coffee! Awesome for times when you are making mass amounts of things like ingots that take a lot out of a blockhead or if you are travelling. Uses less space than coffee cherries.


Uuhmmmm… I already have a farm…
I think I’m set for a couple weeks…? correct me if I’m wrong


That’s a lot of coffee cherries!


I have more in my inventory… like 2 stacks more? I donno I’ll have to check…


I filled a chest with that stuff, so I made the blockheads carry a stack each as they worked, they could continue crafting without getting tire or needing to sleep


I just make them all into coffee. I just need to make 4 more electric presses then I’m set to craft all night long :slight_smile:


Four?! What are you pressing that you need that many Electric Press to craft many of something?


I’m going to have five so that all of my Blockheads can craft. Currently have five stoves so I needed five presses to make the green coffee beans to make the regular coffee beans to make coffee.


One or two presses and stoves maybe, but I used the other blockheads to do other things, including crafting ingots, breeding, collecting and taking tp jobs


I have almost a chest full of cherries…


So did I lol
How about this, while two at pressess, Another on the next step and another making the coffee.

Or if you have the resources, go ahead and make four electric presses, four electric stoves and you can sell the extra benches to someone


I can’t sell them. Game won’t let me join any servers ;-;
But I use those kinds of benches all the time. Actually plan on making five of every existing bench in the game…
I am going to be 80 by the time that happens


Uh - I have 6 stacks of coffee cherries on survival of time, still in pod


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