Collection chest

So I was on a sp and I was thinking we need a chest that would collect food or other items like set them out while you mine to prevent lag if you run out of inventory space or collect apples so your dodos don’t eat them all and over populate

Crafting could be at a workbench and cost 4 wood and it could kinda look like a wooden box

Like I said it could help with getting materials they would fall on the ground and be picked up by the chest quickly it would have normal chest space

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I don’t get it…

A chest that could collect food and store it so you don’t have to stop all your actions just to get a lot of food and you could put where there is nothing growing

Like in those spots

Or maybe dispensers? similar to minecraft in function, they would take any free items above and move them to a chest they connect to.

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Dispensers or hoppers?

I meant hoppers, oof. its been a hot second since ive played mc :smiley:

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This kinda reminds me of my problem Here