Colored Armor!


So if your like me then you love being able to dye clothes.
Then why not do the same to armor or even the jetpack?
Personally I would love to have a white jetpack with black iron leggings.

So as how to do it, maybe a new bench or updating the dye bench to “paint” armor for the propose of being protected while in style.


Would love to have it!! All white


There’s actually hacked, but legit (at least for Dave) colored armors.
Pm me if you want some.


Why are they in a white van?


I couldn’t afford a truck.


Doesn’t make a sense to throw powder/pigment onto armor and make it colored…unless you paint it…


Indeed, painting it somehow would be optimum.


Instead of “throwing pigment” onto the armor it should require the armor and a bucket of paint. Maybe a final upgrade to the dye bench? (It just makes more sense to paint the armor)


Well, throwing pigments at an armor is truly… wasteful.
Indeed, for it to be painted it should require paint.