Colored text!

I really want colored text on the forums!
The forum only supports html5 and in html5 the
<font color​> was removed.
We should make a tag like [color] or you could also add css.
What do you think?

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Suggestions of the forum should go on the Discourse forum.

where is it?

ok thanks!

Am I the only factoring genius who doesn’t understand why colored text is zetta cool?

To mimic welcome messages, I guess. It used to be a thing on vBulletin (of course, some colors were annoying), and so were signatures. And they looked pretty, and they were fun. I mean, at the beginning of the Birthday thread, you can see the remains of colored text.

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[COLOR=black] Hey, it works! [/COLOR]

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Honestly I think we should keep things formal here. A colored text is’nt needed and I deem it as obnoxious and annoying.

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idk it might not look normal… if you see rainbow words everywhere randomly time to time it would get out of control

If we could at least have red colored text I would be happy with that. But no yellow, that would not look good on this forum… (the white background, hint)

[COLOR=blue] Hey, this works too! [/COLOR]


I feel like it would be way overused- I imagine lots of hard to read text, and the overusage. Like blue, for example, a favored color, would dominate and become the new black, or rainbow coloring.

Absolutely not, no. Sorry. Colored text has absolutely no use here. Color is used for a few specific purposes and shouldn’t be abused for formatting. As an example, if you see blue text you can immediately know it is a link

Want to make a header stand out? There’s markdown for that

# Big header
## Smaller header
### Even smaller header

Want to emphasize a single word in a sentence? There’s **markdown** for *that* too.

Want to indicate something was added to your post later? There’s <ins>html</ins> for that. Please use sparingly.

Want to indicate something was removed from your post since it was incorrect or is now outdated, but you are leaving it so people can still read it? There’s <del>html</del> for that too. Please use sparingly.

Want to make a rainbow message? Sorry. That’s just hard to read. Discourse is about emphasizing discussion, not how fancy you can make posts.


Wow this is cool I had no idea!!!
Some colored text is ok, but then people usually spam it with really hard-to-read neon yellow that is soooo annoying!

Oh OK. I should delete this but I can’t
this is cool btw

Why not use pictures to replace colored text?


No need to delete. It’s a good discussion to have :slight_smile:

Yeah nice discussion you can now remove the solved pls delete :slight_smile: