Colorful tulips

It takes so much time to breed different colors.


Beautiful colours :tulip:Your patience has been rewarded :blush:


How long did it specifically take you to get all those colors? I’m interested in starting my own tulip farm.

I was on winter vacation and it took me about a month(about 5 hours a day) . Black and green are one of the rarest to breed, so it really takes time.

How many times do you spend on breeding all the pure tulips you have?

Wow awesome! I don’t have enough patience for doing that!

I started breeding tulips in 2015 but didn’t just focus on breeding pure colours. Over these past years many tulip enthusiasts/scientists/breeders have shared tulip collections with each other. There are still many pure colours we have not found via breeding yet.

As far as I know the quickest time to get all the pure colours is by Bibliophile for the 2019 Advent Calendar.


Thanks a lot. Much respect. :pray:t2::+1:t2:

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