Coloured Donkey


Wow it’s taking so long to spawn the unicorn… one advice is to tame the new colours as they spawn because I didn’t before and all of them took time and died when I was at green


Do you mean donkeys?


If you would like to purchase unicorns, I can offer one for 700 platinum coins


Lol yeah my bad donkey not horse


I am not that rich lol


On my server Rabbithole we have a ranch with rainbow donkeys providing grey unicorn offspring for free. All you have to do is take the time to get set up, craft a portal chest and reach the ranch at antispawn. Tracks go all the way around the world, but the journey to the right is probably easiest. You just have to dress warm to pass the North Pole.


Oh wow thanks I play single player mode tho but if I play multiplayer I will definitely come


If you have the internet connection for it, I highly recommend mulitplayer. It opens up a whole universe of possibilities. I really would have quit playing this game 5 years ago if it wasn’t for multiplayer servers.


Separating the colors helped me a lot in taming them!


Thanks for the suggestion