Come join my new server! Radiant Blossoms!


Have you been looking for a new server on Blockheads? Radiant Blossoms is a new server that is looking for more people like you! We enjoy having Blockhead enthusiasts that are searching for a fresh server to play on and chat with us. We allow all unique people to play on our server and let them freely express themselves. This server was created just a month and I feel extremely proud of it and hope more people can enjoy this place and make new fond memories! Me (the owner) and my team of admins and mods hope you will enjoy this server!

Below are some screenshots of the creations made on Radiant Blossoms:


(I’m new to forums so it won’t let me post more than one pic gahhh)

We feel you should follow a few rules to ensure a better playing experience for everyone:

  • Be Kind and Respectful.
  • Please don’t go out of your way to be irritating!
  • **Swearing is (now) not allowed and saying racist, homophobic, or hurtful things to others is prohibited. **
  • ** Admin will be granted upon adding credit.**
  • Asking for admin or mod is unacceptable and may lead to follow-up actions.

This server is my baby so please do not break rules or irritate people on the server!

Everything is free in this server as I want people to not worry about earning coins too much. You can build anything you want (as long as it isn’t offensive) The server is still quite small but with your help we can make this place so much more and reach its potential! :smiley:

In conclusion, our new server is a great place for you to express yourself and be creative! We enjoy everyone’s company and seeing them have fun just makes our day! We promote a laid-back and comfortable environment to ensure everyone has a great time! We welcome newcomers with open arms and hope you can come! Have fun! ^-^


WOW!!! Looks really cool i will join when i am free
BTW my in-game name is HNANDJ


We also have a server bot and a point system!

  • 500 points need for mod
  • 1000 points needed for admin

The server bot will greet you and occasionally say tips for you to have a great time! :smiley:


Those creation looks great ill take time to join your server☺️


Maybe it’ll let you post more pictures later.


Swearing is not allowed in servers, due to younger players (according to @milla ). Keeping a public server that swears will result in her turning it into a private server, meaning that only certain people will have access to your server.

Welp, that’s faster than I’ll ever be at a server lol
(cries, jk)


Swearing isnt allowed on public servers. Kids play this game. People will respect you more if you dont swear. Are you TRYING to encourage use of foul language?

Sounds like a typical advertisement.

Sometimes being laid back can have some bad side effects.

Just letting you know.


this is an ad like the one based on summer dreams…


I have no intentions to be offensive, but the title “come join my server! Radiant blossoms!” Sounds like you are quite needy for people to come to your server.


its a new server and some people may be looking for something new


Thank you!

Hopefully ahhh

Oof. I’m so sorry if I made it seem that way. :frowning:


To me your world thread sounds very welcoming and interesting! I‘ll definitively pay you a visit :slightly_smiling_face:
Your spawn looks awesome!


Welcome to Forums.

Your server looks really nice. You have every right to post about your server and ask people to join. Forums members should have more respect and not immediately compare your server to others on your new server thread. You should be excited about it and rightfully so. It looks like you put in a lot of time making it look cool and thinking through the kind of environment you want to have. I for one think it looks great. Nice work.

I don’t think you sound needy at all. LOL. Everyone on forums asks people to join their new servers, and you are no different.

Hope it becomes very successful. :wink: I’ll come check it out for sure.


I think your pics have genuinely caught my eye. I’ll be sure to take a look there :slight_smile:

Oh, it can help to add your world link to the post, by copying it from the “share world” link and pasting it here


thank you so much :slight_smile:


Added the link!