Coming soon: BLOKYPINE INC


Me and pineaple2017 are teaming up to make a new server. It will be public. It will be on soon.


Server is up now. Search in BLOKYPINE inc


Please write more iformation like rules theme and more


I would be glad to help you if you needed help with building and stuff.

@bloky2018 there are Inappropriate signs at spawn. The people who made these signs seem to be framing you and @PufflePuffle. You may report to milla to request for a cloud ban to whoever did this.

(Did I take this too far? I don’t know.)


Ohh interesting another economics server I just wanted to know what will be the setting, content, goals, and etc. soon later there will be a some few rules you’ll make with tips and guide for Business or for economics server! I’m excited to just check since I’m rarely to active I was just active today because weekend and no classes for me tomorrow for some reason :slight_smile:


I think I’ll join when it’s open!


I thought that @BUILDITME1 was exaggerating when she said that [redacted] was a hacker but I went to blockypine and it had been hacked and grieved. Not sure if someone is framing him or not. I am 100% against name shaming but spawn is very badly greifed.


Wait it’s open?


I’d assume so.


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Great… :wow:


We need patrols now.


@WumboJumbo Come on at 12:00 GBT.


Get Bread Time?


I’m banned for some reason. My ign is WooHooGaming13


@bloky2018 can you unban WooGooGaming13 please? I somehow got banned.


Password is lifted.


Who wants to be owner?
1.can you supply the server with credit? you currently own any server?
3.why do you want to own Blokypine inc.?

2.dont own one looks cool

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. I like resurrecting servers and rebuilding things.