Coming soon: BLOKYPINE INC


Me and pineaple2017 are teaming up to make a new server. It will be public. It will be on soon.


Server is up now. Search in BLOKYPINE inc


Please write more iformation like rules theme and more


I would be glad to help you if you needed help with building and stuff.

@bloky2018 there are Inappropriate signs at spawn. The people who made these signs seem to be framing you and @Pineaple2017. You may report to milla to request for a cloud ban to whoever did this.

(Did I take this too far? I don’t know.)


Ohh interesting another economics server I just wanted to know what will be the setting, content, goals, and etc. soon later there will be a some few rules you’ll make with tips and guide for Business or for economics server! I’m excited to just check since I’m rarely to active I was just active today because weekend and no classes for me tomorrow for some reason :slight_smile:


I don’t know if they are planning to do that. Sometimes tha name is for decoration.


I think I’ll join when it’s open!


I thought that @BUILDITME1 was exaggerating when she said that [redacted] was a hacker but I went to blockypine and it had been hacked and grieved. Not sure if someone is framing him or not. I am 100% against name shaming but spawn is very badly greifed.


Wait it’s open?


I’d assume so.


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Great… :wow:


We need patrols now.


@WumboJumbo Come on at 12:00 GBT.


GardenMoneyTime - GMT

for 12:00 is 8:00 am for me and others who use ET or EST.


Get Bread Time?


I’m banned for some reason. My ign is WooHooGaming13


@bloky2018 can you unban WooGooGaming13 please? I somehow got banned.


Password is lifted.