Common bugs and glitches


ADDED: Some changes in the world corruption section of this thread


-_- another problem with the freight car. the freight car has a chance to duplicate items. On a side note, it also has a chance of totally eating your items. Please dont tell me the freightcar is like a gambling game now.


I won’t put in the duplicating on, it’s a rule on these forums that dupes and exploits aren’t to be posted here. Sorry!


All my workbenches, etc. turned into gold chests and can’t be used. Also, now I have lots of wood and gold chests lined up in a row, which can’t be opened. I had tool benches, etc. upgraded to the max levels. Can I get those back??


Cheeseburger, you should also have a “cause” sub-title. You have resolution, so you should have causes.

I do have a cause for a glitch, if you’d like to add it. The door glitch, when your blockhead goes over the entire building instead if through it, is when the area isn’t fully loaded, so the directional path taken by the blockhead is a little confused, so it goes to what it thinks is the nearest route.


I’ll add that.


REMOVED: Glitches fixed in the update 1.5.1 earlier today


I have a problem regarding a crash area. My app crashes when i look at a certain area in the world. But when i went near it, i crash all the time . I cant get past loading screen. I host a cloud based server btw. I wonder why my friend doesnt crash on that area while i crash all the time. What should i do?


Hmm, I’m not sure. You might have to post a thread about that, actually.


The bench glitch is still here.
Happened in Cheeseworld:

Couldn’t use them (of course), so I exited the world. I went back on and they were back to normal:


I have another few glitches:

  • on my mobile ( huawei assend) when I go exploring and then i zoom out on to the map places I have just walked through are in black like u havent been there then when u zoom into the places they are in colour? It goes away after a time but is still annoying!

  • on my iPad (1st generation) I saw a cactus randomly grow on a tree and when I cut down the tree it went but still Wth?

  • on my iPad 2 scorpions spawned in a snow biome 0.o

  • this is the worst glitch of all! : [redacted] now I don’t have a sunrise hat in a food shortage FIX IT!


The last one is a dupe exploit, highly discouraged on these forums.

Masterfox, the exact same thing happened to me, only in the Storage room. The portals went missing too. I disconnected and came back, and they were good.

ADDED: Corrupted area bug


I got The corruption, but it was not on cloud and was only me!


I have a world with a friend, and recently a lot of glitches happened at once. one of my blockheads completely dissapeared (with 3/4) of our pole items. i exited and reopened the world but still gone. I had to make a new blockhead, and now we only have one pole item. also, it showed everything except a tiny circle around the portal as dark and unexplored, despite months of extensive building and play on the world. attemps to “explore” the “unexplored area” only created a giant black rectangle that got bigger as my blockhead moved farther from our portal. it now looks like this

does anyone know how to fix this
also he “owns” the world and the black rectangle does not show up for him

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Well, this thread is for common glitches, as for your server issues, I can’t help you with that, sorry. You may want to post a thread about that.


I made a shark needing pool, 5 minutes later I had at least 20 or more over sized sharks. They are 2 or 3 blocks long as baby’s.


That would be normal, as sharks grow :slight_smile:


Maybe sharks DO have species 0.o

The Megalodon attack!!!


Added unknown item glitch. :wink:


Pun intended? Lol