Common bugs and glitches


Another bug is if youre playing local with a friend and you get on a train. If you get off the train keeps going to the next station with no driver!
Fix: take a rail cart and race to the train and remove it and place it down again. :slight_smile:


I’ll add that, thanks!

Also, Milla, could you change the title of this thread to Common Bugs and Glitches? The ALREADY REPORTED part sounds a bit mean and doesn’t seem to work anymore :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!



[U][SIZE=5]Stacked Item Glitch[/SIZE][/U]

When a item is placed but doesn’t appear right away, so you place it again and poof its there one day you decide to remove it and it removes but turns invisible except for the animated dots.
Then the item cannot be removed(by water) and by force. If the item has no animated blocks its invisible and can only be seen by zooming out. If its a interactive block like bench it can’t be placed over( this doesn’t apply for shops) the glitched block then can only be removed by getting rid of the background or nearby block(must require background already removed). The item can be over stacked and if placed underground can’t be removed. If over stacked can be a temperature
hazard as for furnaces stacked over 30 are a heat threat and can burn players, portals are a cold threat and freeze players. This is useful for automated defense. But sometimes when a player does not stack the item(ice leaves), it becomes irremovable FOREVER. Unless its leaves which can be removed if grown over again. I don’t know if this applies for benches. As for benches i think are irremovable even above ground, but if underground for a fact yes. As for the leaves are still burnable but never go away and become infinite fire spots. They can only be extinguished by a fire fighter and water:D.


I’m not sure what you mean exactly, isn’t that kinda like the invisible item glitch?


yes but its more invisible item isn’t the whole thing its stacking not just invisible items


This is another glitch I encountered, you have died and when you wake up the dramatic music is still playing! (I had used time crystals though).
FIX: quit out and come back in!
This may be a one time glitch or something :slight_smile:


I’m still not too sure, I’m sorry?

I don’t think that’s too much of an issue, though the time crystals might be the reason. It’s not that bad :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


its from placing an item into a item which hasn’t fully loaded. Not just a glitched item

try it yourself


Never do that!!! You loose the thing that didn’t fully load when you placed it…


actually you won’t if its above ground and there is no background


just remove the background and nearby blocks, you’ll get everything back


Thanks for listening anyways


I don’t wanna try it, what if I lose something? :stuck_out_tongue: Will add!

No problem :smiley:


Added the random supersonic teleportation glitch, it’s been seen a few times now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Uhmn the background item glitch can sometimes be fixed by placing a bed on the other block beside it and then you will be able to remove the background item.

Something like this:


I had a golden chest stuck and once I decided to sleep there (well, with a golden bed) without thinking. Then yeah I wanted to slept then ‘use golden chest’ then yeah! Then i slept and removed both items.


Alright, added! Thanks! :smiley:


Welcome cheeseburger


Painted water glitch, just place ice on painted background block not much bad or good about it. Colors the top of water


just remove the rail under the handcar and the handcar can be used again

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