Common bugs and glitches


[QUOTE=DS_1BSD;202786]just remove the rail under the handcar and the handcar can be used again


I just need to remind y’all that this is for common bugs and glitches, which happen quite often and/or are reported quite often. If I included every glitch in existence then it’d be a bit tedious :stuck_out_tongue:

@DS_1BSD - Which glitch are you referring to?


My game just crashed on putting out my portal chest , gets bk in game and my portal chest is gone , I looked around cave inventory every were it gone :frowning: , I just had to pay for 2 spawn portals 1 to get a new portal chest and the other to get my person bk to were she was that is 4 hours away from the main spawn point in which I can only get my new portal chest. , now down 600 time crystals :frowning:


I’m sorry about that, Cherylanne. If you would like to send me your support ID via email to support at that would be great. Your support ID is located at the bottom of the help/credits screen, and should not be shared publicly. Emailing it is the best way to get help.


I just had th double-placing glitch today…


I’ve encountered the boat glitch,walking glitch & background glitch with torches. It creates a large bright laggy light.


I think i found a second cause to the background glitch. I’m Thinking this only applies for tulips. I just break them zoom out and it still says the tulip is there. I can place over it but, its compatible with infinite fire.


nice info, thanks for share cb!


Corrupt world. Most of my shops dissapeared and the elevators did as well


(That is already in the common B&Gs. Corrupted area + world.)
Also, why not add the rollback?


I got an unknown gold stairs. Will it corrupt my world if I drop it?

PS. It’s on my SERVER!!!


Yes and no. Maybe. No idea!

You never know what unknowns will do. They’re corrupt data, so it’s not certain either way.


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Shouldn’t that be in a different thread?


Yes it should. Also, please only post pictures if you in off-topic, if at all. I have that forum locked down to registered users only, for your protection, since registered users’ IP addresses are recorded.


I just got the new iPhone 6 plus iOS 8.2 and all the time crystals I had saved up are all gone!!! I had thousands saved up. What do I do?


Wait, so you’re saying that you know where we live? Oh no. :frowning:


Email support. The address is support at

No. IP address is your online designation. It’s not the same as your physical address.


Yah well on my server name Sharkadon the sharks were oversized like on that pic…

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The North Pole Handcar Glitch is caused by the North Pole Wrapping Glitch, which also caused more problems in the past few years. Luckily, it has been fixed in 1.6… I think… :wow: