Common bugs and glitches


Just to confirm the wooden bed trick.

I had a chest stuck and unable to do anything with. Also, it was below water level and thus stuck on natural stone back wall.

I placed blocks underneath it, and then a bed over it. I was then able to remove the chest.

I had to remove the bed by breaking the blocks under it. Then all wad good!


I have some glitches u should add here

  1. A big gray cloud that when u zoom in all the way it’s gone when u zoom out all the way it’s gone try to go in between and there’s is a big gray cloud and u can’t see

  2. Another is I can for some reason see every where anyone else has gone so say joe goes all the way to the South Pole and I have not even gone past spawn i can see the South Pole no joe but joe is there at the South Pole but I can’t see him when u zoom out u see joe’s name u zoom in poof gone

  3. I put a gem on some compost onece flat to it not on a wall and a few weeks later I had a gem tree I thought it was a tulip sprout cuz that’s waht it looked like but I gusse it was ok cuz it was a dimond and I tried it again it didn’t work


Do you have screen shots of any of these? Those would be helpful to really see what you’re talking about.


Ok I will


Lol do you play ARK?!


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It is, if it’s relevant to the discussion. I’m unsure what ARK has to do with bugs and glitches, though. It may be a fancy name for a glitch. I didn’t read too much about it.


What Cate said. Is ARK a world or another game, or something else, @Leonidas117? :slight_smile:


To stay off-topic: Ark: Survival Evolved is another game that has megalodon sharks



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Joining bug


Close the app and try again. It’s usually wifi connection problems for me.

If your phone says signed into game center when you join then at that moment you are connected to the wifi


When I tried to use the shop in the game my game crashed?
The server is a bit laggy but it does not happen in the past until 1.7


I crash every time I try to join this one certain server. Any help?


did you ever get an answer? Maybe try a brand new player name on the server. Or make sure you have no other apps running on your device taking up memory.


@milla I have one but it seems only for the Samsung S 10. Whenever you join if the side bar pops up rather to you swiping at it or even trying to just access chat (since it appears also when you type) the side or bottom, based of landscape or portrait mode, the part will now be black. Yes you can reset the app but it’s really hard to talk with people and do any work since that’s also where all your items are.

Note: you can still tap behind the blackness but you just cant see it


Welcome! I’m sorry you’re having trouble. The best way to get help with this is to contact the Android developer, Noodlecake Studios. You can do that by pausing the game (while in singleplayer world in your case), tapping on HELP/CREDITS, and scrolling down until you find the Support section. There’s a link in there to email Noodlecake :slight_smile: