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Hi I recently found myself getting back into BlockHeads. I have played BlockHeads before, but not to the fullest (I have not messed around with generators, electricity, and creating farms in general). This game has it’s own special charm to it yes it’s a mix between Minecraft and Terraria, but I really enjoy micromanaging multiple characters and having them automatically do their actions.

My question as a returning player is how is the community doing especially after the developer stopped supporting this game to create another? It was nice exploring the posts on this forum and thank you for reading this.


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Welcome to the forums and welcome back to the game! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I would say the community is doing well for the situation it is in! When Milla leaves things get a little dodgy but yeah. Unfortunately unsupported Apple devices can not run blockheads. It is also no longer on google play store.
@Friel :mad: damn

Also welcome to the community! Have this cookie :cookie: (IRS tried to take it)


Not the Item Recovery Service, right?

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The Internal Revenue Service. Pay your taxes bois and girls



Tax evasion gang. :cool:

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ebic :cool:

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Blockheads sun glasses moment :cool:

no more screenshots :cool: :cool: :cool:


Glad to see some players are dedicated to the game even if the developer isn’t supporting it! I look forward to creating some posts and reading past threads.


Good day everyone.

Take care of yourself, be as kind as you can to yourself and to others. Be as fair as you can.

Have fun, make the day better for yourself and others.

We only live once, make it count.

Ps. Playing less and less. Life is what happens when you making other plans. Time management is a golden skill.

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This topic offers some insight into what happened.