Compact money

people have been wanting a wallet for a while, here is one (kind of)

give a trusted person your money
set down a shop
put something useless in there
make it expensive
have them buy it
lower the price gradually

the shops hold an unlimited amount of money, so its an easy way to store it

They do? How do you collect the profit then, there’s only one slot for it?

the money piles up. when you have more than 99 gc in there, you take out a stack and a new stack appears

I use this method and it works very well for me. I actually buy coins and then once I’m done and have only one remaining coin, I put it in the sell slot.

Do this all the time. It actually limits lag :slight_smile: I’ve put over one million in there with little to no lag at all.

Using shops to store money is really good, because it causes way less lag compare to the locks or chests. The down side is you need 2 players to be able to store the GC.

Think of it as a banker! U can only place money in wooden chests! Then robbers come and try to rob u, u can hire guards and stuff then u have to pay guards which comes out of the money people put in a bank… XD…

Thankyou, this will help reduce lag heaps on my local multiplayer world!