Complete free creative mode no “custom rules”


So I was thinking. You know in Minecraft you can play survival or creative. And how in creative you free roam and access to any and all block gems ect. I want to build I fortress. And survival takes too much time to gather resources and get all the blocks and the amount of blocks I need and or want. And to make it fair so people don’t take advantage is once a world is entered to creative mode there is no way to switch that same world to survival. What does anyone think? I know you can do “custom rules” but that is a pain in the butt To set up and get a trade portal and the coins to get the resources you want to build what you want.


I do agree on adding creative mode to an extent. but custom rules mainly fills that purpose.


um no. Custom rules is More or less. More oceans less oceans. More gems less gems. More trees less trees. More ore less ore. Low temperature or high temperature. Nothing in the custom rules list has anything to do with a entire creative mode like in Minecraft you bring up the entire menu from blocks to ore weapons trains everything in the game. That’s what’s I want. I want to build a fortress with train carts going all around the world making a giant roller coaster. I can’t do that with custom rules. I still have to mine and gather thousands of iron to make steel. Even if I wanted to do that you know how long it’ll take to gather that much iron and that much coal to make steel? Thousands.


Yeah custom rules isn’t creative mode, it’s just altered survival mode. It’s pretty good tbh, but I’m still burning through TC pretty fast and I can’t make it up now that the ads have slowed.


?? I have 800+ time crystals. I don’t spend them all crazy. And every 10 15 minutes I watch an ad and get 20. I had 700 last week. I’m patient enough to wait for them to make ignots or stuff in general. So I don’t need to spend so much crystals just so I can rush for no reason. You can watch pretty much videos all day long I can get over 100 time crystals in a day if I watch the ads every 30 minutes. Their like 15 20 seconds long if you don’t have that little patience for time crystals then you have a very short attention span.

I just think good ol dave should at least expirment with a real creative mode.


If you did the math, it would take 1000 time crystals to have 5 blockheads and make and upgrade a trade portal fully, provided you had the correct materials


I was agreeing with you lol (on the basis of too many time crystals wasted).


Can you not make a custom server and set the trade portal to free and just get all the tracks and blocks you want? No need to mine any ore or anything.


Cant you also just set the spawn items-


There is also a setting on custom worlds that makes all items automatically discovered for everyone. That along with the free trade portals makes it just what you want. It is truly a creative mode. Your Blockheads can create anything that you can imagine with access to unlimited resources. You just can’t take those unlimited resources off that world. I suggest playing around with a custom single player world to see what you can do with the custom settings. You can create some very unique environments.


When I click on custom rules for a new world there’s is nothing for a trade portal. How do I make a custom world with a free trade portal?? Some one tell me please I can’t figure out. There ore disbution weather oceans caves sky islands ect I don’t have any options for a free trade portal.


After you make it, you can change the settings in the pause menu.


Thank you.


Okay so I have my world. I have the setting so changed and trade portal on everything free. Now the problem is I have to get a trade portal. I looked and looked I can’t find anything to spawn in with one so I have to make one. And to make one I have to have a regular portal. How do I make a regular portal??


Make one with one stone and 120 TC in a workbench.


This is a complete guide should ever you need it:

  1. Create your custom world.

  2. Prior to spawning, go to pause>options>world options.

  3. Scroll down until you find spawn items.

  4. Modify each slot to individually contain 1 of each gem, 6 stone, and 99 plat.

  5. Spawn in and dig up a block of dirt. You may have to temporarily drop an item or two during this process.

  6. Make a workbench at the spawn portal and place it when finished.

  7. Upgrade workbench to Level 2 with 5 of your 6 stone.

  8. Craft a portal at your Level 2 workbench.

  9. Return to spawn portal, craft a trade portal and place it when finished.

  10. Upgrade your trade portal to Level 6.

  11. Return to pause>options>world options and set trade portals to “Everything Free”. Also toggle other modifiers (death/health/hunger/happiness/mobs) should you deem it necessary.

With this, you get about as close to creative mode as possible. Unfortunately, a bit of tc is swallowed up, which I personally find problematic with ads only happening every 10 minutes, but whatever.

I’d much prefer a creative mode proper that didn’t need all this preparation, even if it was just restricted to SP or something of the like.


You still need to spend a dozen time crystals if you want a max level trade portal to get stuff from…

@Testif’s great post was a good one. But why not strap in a trade portal with your BHs?
Perhaps item limit. But why slog through a level 2 workbench(and 120TC) when you can just get it

You CAN get everything by setting spawn items, but you will have to kill a million blockheads. (setting death on exit is helpful.)


You can’t spawn with a trade portal I tried. And yeah I know it’s a pain in the arse and no one wants to use that many time crystals and that why I made this post an actual creative mode like Minecraft.


You can always migrate one of your vanilla(survival) worlds to a custom world. Make sure you want to do it because once it is done it cannot be reverted back to vanilla(survival). This can be done on the owner’s portal under the settings tap for a world.

You can just push the button that says migrate to change a survival world to a custom one. That way you can use a world where you already have trade portals. Just keep in mind you will be giving up your portal chests.


I know this. And that’s why I’m not doing it. I got a new world I used most of tc to get the trade portal. But oh well there free to watch more vids get more. I’m building a roller coaster going up and down from the sky islands.