Complete free creative mode no “custom rules”


Cool. I think it takes about 1000 to to make a trade portal fully upgraded and 5 blockheads…


Not quite that much I have about 800 time crystals by time I was done upgrading it I have about 200. I only need one block head I just use coffe and jet packs to help me stay building faster. But this is why I still think a creative option should Be in the game I’m back up to almost 500 time crystals now.

Well I did spawn in another one because I forgot to set the first one to spawn with all the gems to upgrade it. But I only needed one lol


If this is a server, please invite me to ride when you’re done. I love roller coasters.


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I can make it into a server couldnt i? It’s a private world right now. It’s a long process I decided not to take to the sky islands because that’s months of time. I can invite you now if you want me to send me a pm and tell me how to do invite people never done it before. It’s really not that good yet I messed up a few things you could even help me make if you want that would be Dope. Just don’t hack me lol


Unfortunately single player-to-cloud world conversion isn’t a thing at present, meaning the closest thing I think you could do would be downloading the world file by encrypted backup and sending it elsewhere somehow.

I imagine it’s feasible, considering a world like Rabbithole was originally an SP which converted to BlockServer and then the cloud, though I have no idea what the workings behind that would be.


Why couldn’t I just host multiplayer and jemnidad can join?


Local multiplayer only works over same WiFi, so unless you’re in the same household or both on some excellent public WiFi, it won’t work. Not to mention I think it’s been disabled, or at least pretty crippled.


Oh i see.


Yep. bummer. Which is why I do all my handcar courses on publicly available servers for others to enjoy.


What are some servers I could join


Check out the #multiplayer category, it’ll have a few. Pixmilla is a pretty nice art world, though kinda quiet. For roller coasters, I imagine anything by Jemnidad is the place to be (Skylands Arena and Rabbithole are two). Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire and Skeeve’s Exile are perpetually popular, there’s also Unihorse, Creative/Evolution/Survival of Time, Caron’s Peace, Maze Runner, and probably a few others.


Don’t worry tho my crappy rollar coster isn’t anything compared your world. I only visited sky lands arena and it’s amazing. So much stuff on there I got lost. Great work!. I’m slpunker00001 if you see on any worlds!


Sorry, I missed how off-topic we’d got. Back to the suggestion please :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up to the one who pointed this out!