Completing the clastic stones group - Conglomerate, Siltstone and Claystone. (And recolouring sandstone to yellow)


I had another sugggestion there, introducing 3 more clastic stones into BH.

-looks like pebbles bound with brown/yellow/white hardened clay, mined conglomerate is polished as marble.
-1.5x stronger than regular stone.
-spawns in dirtless mountains.
-used for making stairs and columns.

-Beige basalt, stays the same when mined.
-Strong as normal stone.
-Spawns in frozen biomes.
-also used for stairs and columns.

-light brown, smooth when not broken
-spawns at 475 blocks above Magma.
-Powerful (as limestone, however).
-Used for stairs, columns and, when powdered (the powder is created from this material, for 5), as a dirt alt in the creation of clay.

Sandstone will also have the standard sand colour.


What about quartz?
It would be a nice “rock”.
Even if they’re gems…
Maybe adding more chandeliers with different colors?
(Actually, I’m making a suggestion for this, thanks for inspirating me)


I think this is only for clastic stones, quartz isn’t clastic.


Yeah but that’s why I made another thread “;p


Making sandstone yellow would pretty much ruin limestone…


Could we use these stones in tools?


I’m afraid not, you can only use them as building blocks and for stairs.

Limestone is beige-white, sand is light yellow.


I’d rather keep the old sandstone color to be frank, there’s not other stones like it and while it would be more realistic it just feels like it fits. Maybe a variation of yellow sandstone along with the original could be made?