Complex Mob: Aliens

Aliens looks like blockheads but with longer legs, which make them look 2.5 blocks tall, even though they’re only 2 blocks tall. They wear armor that’s a mix of iron and dark red glass. The armor covers every inch of their skin, has red goggles with four eyes, and has two pipes running from the sides of the helmet to the mouth. Alien children are 1.5 blocks tall and wear gray linen that covers every inch of their skin, but they have the goggles and boots of adults.

Aliens live in the outer space biome, which above the current top of the world. In this area, there are more sky islands, the sky islands up are made of unmined stone topped with dark red sand, and there are no plants. There are massive strings of up to 8 sky islands squashed against each other, forming a really long sky island. These massive islands can have alien cities spawn on top of them. Alien cities have tall rectangular iron building with special red glass and elevators. Buildings are spaced 1 block apart and have a max height of 16. Normal sky islands can have 1 of 4 buildings spawn on top of them. 1. is the farm, it’s a red glass dome with iron at the bottom. Farms are filled with corn, carrot, flax or tomatoes, and have a fruit tree in the middle. 2. is just a a few city skyscrapers. 3. is the dump. The dump is a block building with round corners at the top. It’s filled with chests, and is lightly guarded. 4. Is a market. It’s rectangular can filled with shops that sell random things.

When aliens breed, they first select a mate. They have a stat known as “passion”. When passion is at max, they breed, spawning an alien egg. If passion stays below the 50% point for four days, the aliens break up.

Aliens have an inventory with four slots. When you press on an alien, it gives you the option to “view” or to “attack”. If you press view, it takes you to a screen that shows what they like, and an empty slot. If you place an item in the empty slot, the alien will have a neutral reaction if it’s a random item, a happy reaction if it’s type of item they like, or they could reject it. After a while of doing this, you gain the alien’s trust. You can get them to follow you around, and you can access their inventory, and even give them a jetpack.

If you attack an alien, that gives you a bounty. Alien soldiers with jetpacks, dressed in armor made of titanium, carbon fiber, and reinforced glass will pursue you. Standard units have railguns that fire every 2 seconds. Heavy units have plasma cannons that fire every 5 seconds. Light units have dual hand-railguns, which each fire once every second, but the bullets are slower. Commandos have bigger railguns that fire every 3 seconds. Generals have antimatter cannons that fire every 7 seconds, which create explosion. They also have a small railgun below their antimatter cannon. At 1 bounty, standard units, heavy units, and light units will attack. At 3 bounty, commandos will attack, and bounty 5, generals will attack. The higher the bounty, the more units there are, but 5 is the max. Regular alien citizens will hide in their houses if you have a bounty, but they will fire if they have concealed weapons.

Dark red sand is just used to smelt reinforced glass, which -as the name suggests- is glass as hard as tin blocks.

The garbage dumps contain metal scrap and food scrap. Using a furnace, you can turn metal scraps into random ingots. Using the craft bench, you can turn food scrap into random fruits, vegetables, and cooked meat. Both processes only take 30 seconds.

The forge is a huge structure made out of carbon fiber and titanium, and it takes up an entire mega island. It has 2 massive chimneys, one taller than the other. It’s guarded by a squadron of alien guards led by an alien paladin, who has a shockwave rifle that’s short ranged but very powerful, and it fires once every 4 seconds. Inside is every electric bench in the game, but there are workers with concealed weapons. But what’s most valuable is what’s in the chests. There’s 1 piece of alien soldier armor, and an alien railgun.

The vault takes up only three sky islands, so it’s always placed inside alien cities. It’s guarded by many alien guards, with no special units. Inside the vault are alien safes. They can be picked up, and it requires a metalwork bench and 1 min 20 secs to crack it, but inside are all sorts of platinum items.

The fortress made of carbon fiber and titanium and only spawns on the highest reaches of outer space by far the most protected structures guarded a golem unit who massive antimatter cannons much bigger than that of the general Inside are alien units repairing weapons and training But in the back of the fortress is prison cell. Inside a massive gray alien bug with wide dragonfly wings It doesn’t attack blockheads but aliens and the bug will battle.You can ask it to follow you, and once you’ve brought it to safety, you can tame it with 50 fuel, but it gets hungry 5 times a day. Once it’s tamed, it can’t die of natural causes, and 2 blockheads can ride it.


It would be cool to have some intelligent mobs in the game, maybe some alien/non-blockhead intelligent species doing mundane tasks like chopping and replanting trees or making basalt or something. You can trade with them, attack them etc


Maybe you can barter with them instead of trading with them?

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Barter is a form of trade. It’s just an exchange of goods for goods, rather than goods for currency.


and to fuel my gambling addiction


ah, so like the piglins in minecraft?