Computer Profile Pic


I’ve recently gotten the blue stacks version of the blockheads and i can’t figure out how to get a profile picture. When i attempt to use a picture blockheads crashes. I can’t use my phone because it’s a hand me down from my brother and its cloud banned. Anybody have a solution?


Ive tried bluestacks before, and it pretty much sucks at most social things including getting pictures and exporting stuff. I dont know myself, and dont get your hopes up, but someone here might know…


I figured blue stacks wouldn’t be the best but currently it’s my only option.


About the cloud ban, you should probably discuss this with milla.


I’ve tried contacting Milla but gotten no response


Pm her on here or be patient she will eventually respond i can’t even get bh to download on blue stacks so idk


Also, if the Blockheads doesn’t work on bluestacks, that is not the developer’s responsibility.


I’m aware that the bluestacks problem isn’t because of the developer because the problem is with whoever ported it to computer.

I’m not sure how i would PM her. I’ve viewed the forum before but I’ve only recently become a member


Merged double post.

How did you try to contact me, aside from PM? I see nothing from you either in the support queue or in my inbox.




Good catch, I meant to say blue stacks