This concept would change the way animals work, it would work like this: an animal raised in the desert is used to hotter temperatures, resulting in things like donkeys having less fur, dodos having less would cause you to have to think about the location of your farm. This would happen over generations of animals, I have a sky base with a ton of dodos, the issue is they can’t really do much, maybe if they were raised in they sky they could jump, let’s say. Allowing for new stuff to happen. A donkey raised swimming would have a water based donkey baby, allowing for faster water travel and slower land travel, but on order for it the change it can’t hop to anew place, it has to slowly change its home


Adaptation? Interesting!


Charles Darwin wants to know your location.


Maybe we can start evolving trolls to be able to fly with this system :thinking:


That’s a terrifying thought.


Terrifying but awesome.


Even worse…flying scorpian swarms??:scream:


I have to disagree on this suggestion, as i don’t really think evolution should be in the game.


That makes complete sense.


Evolution is already in the game…